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Hibiscus – Natural Hair tonic

Plant name : Chemparathai "Its cool potency even makes it use to cure psychiatric ailments in siddha" Botanical name : Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Family : Malavaceae Actions : Laxative, Aphrodisiac, Emmenagogue, Refrigerant. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The leaf juice is diluted with water and given for leucorrhoea.The leaves can be crushed and prepared as kudineer and given for the same. The roots of this plant along with leaves of adathodai is taken and prepared as decoction and given

Sathavari – Herbal Remedy for Leucorrhoea

Plant name : Thaneervittan or Sathavari otherwise called "Dashaveeryam" or 100 times potent medicinal herb. Botanical name : Asparagus racemosus Family : Asparagaceae Actions : Galactagogue, Aphrodisiac, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-allergic, Nutritive, Demulcent. Siddha medicinal uses : The baked leaves along with ghee is externally applied over small abscess. The leaf juice together with milk is given internally to reduce the body heat and cure problems like leucorrhoea. The kizhangu or tuber of this plant is crushed and about 15

Erukku – Herbal Remedy for Asthma

Plant name : Erukku "The best medicinal plant for vatha diseases" Botanical name : Calotropis gigantea Family : Asclepiadaceae Actions : Anthelmintic, Alterative, Laxative, Anti-vatha or Anti-rheumatic, Anti-asthmatic. Siddha medicinal uses : For poisonous snake bites, 2 to 4 leaves of this plant is chewed well by the patient. Also fresh root of this plant are crushed well and applied well by rubbing firmly over the bitten area. The leaf juice 5ml with equal quantity of honey

Tulsi – Home Remedy for Fever

Plant name : Tulasi "The most sacred plant according to hindu mythology which is common as well as medicinally enriched" Botanical name : Ocimum sanctum Family : Labiatae Actions : Expectorant, Diaphoretic, Anti-spasmodic, Stimulant, Anti-pyretic, Anti-rheumatic, Hepato-protective, Anti-periodic. Siddha medicinal uses : 5-10 ml of tulasi leaf juice is mixed with honey and given three times daily for fever, cough, asthma etc. Leaf juice is taken in 15-20ml and mixed with equal amount of honey and given

Neem – Herbal Remedy for Skin diseases

Plant name : Vembu "An extreme fighter against germs and diseases" Botanical name : Azadirachta indica Family : Meliaceae Actions : Anti-pyretic, Anthelmintic, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-periodic, Tonic, Stomachic. Siddha medicinal uses : The leaf juice in the dose of 10-20 ml is administered along with equal amount of honey three times a day for jaundice, intestinal worms etc. Neem oil along with equal amount of castor oil is given early morning in empty stomach to remove the

Puliyarai – Herbal Remedy for Bloody Diarrhoea

Plant name : Puliyarai or Puliyarila "Though among the smallest creation of God, but one among the most significant medicinal herb" Botanical name : Oxalis corniculata Family : Oxalidacea Actions : Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Stomachic, Antipyretic. Siddha medicinal uses : The leaf juice in the dose of 15-25 ml is administered in the conditions like bloody diarrhoea, prolapse of rectum etc. It can also be administered in these conditions by boiling these leaves in cows butter milk

Nilavembu – A Herbal Remedy for Fever

Plant Name: Nilavembu, also known as Kiriyath "The better medicine to kill bitter ailments" Botanical Name: Andrographis paniculata Family Name: Acanthaceae Actions: Anti-spasmodic, Febrifuge, Hepatotonic, Stomachic. Siddha Medicinal Uses : Nilavembu is taken as samoolam, decoction is prepared with this and used in treatment of vatha diseases, fever, liver diseases etc. Liver disorders in children can be treated by giving the juice of the samoolam of this plant along with equal quantity of honey.

Pirandai – A Herbal Bone setter

Plant name : Pirandai also known as Changalam piranda "Fractured bones resetted and healed like a miracle through Siddha oushadam Pirandai" Botanical name : Cissus quadrangularis Family : Vitaceae Actions : Alterative, Emmenogogue, Stomachic. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The stem of the plant is used to bandage the part of body subjected to fracture or any bone injury. The oil prepared from juice of this plant and gingilee oil is externally applied over fractured part.

Country Borage – Natural Remedy for Fever

Plant name : Panikoorkka "A simple and best remedy for fever" Botanical name : Coleus aromaticus Family : Lamiacea Actions : Anti-pyretic, Expectorant, Anti-vatha, and Carminative. Siddha medicinal uses : Leaf juice is administered in dose of 1-2 teaspoon in children and 1-2 table spoon in adults for fever. The extract of leaf or leaf is crushed and boiled in water and the steam is inhalled for nasal congestion.

Herbal Remedy for Respiratory diseases

Plant name : Adathodai can "improve the qaulity of voice and cure all respiratory problems" Botanical name : Adathoda vasica Family : Acanthaceae Actions : Expectorant, Anti-spasmodic, Germicide, Diuretic. Siddha medicinal uses : Leaf juice and honey are taken in equal quantity and given three times daily for cough, rakthapitham (Hypertension), Fever, Bronchial asthma and jaundice. The samoolam or entire plant is taken decoction is prepared and given in dose of 20 to 30 ml for