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Indian Medicinal Plants Videos – Virtual Siddha Herbal Garden

Mimosa pudica (Herbal Medicines) "Thottar chinungi" (Siddha Medicine) "The plant which is highly sensitive to touch and has high medicinal value" Indigofera tinctoria (Herbal Medicines) "Avuri" (Siddha Medicine) "It is the best Siddha medicine for all toxicities" Phyllanthus niruri (Herbal Medicines) "Keezhkainelli" (Siddha Medicine) "An excellent Hepato-protective herb"

Medicinal Plants Videos – Virtual Siddha Herbal Garden

Aristolochia indica (Herbal Medicines) "Easwaramooli or Garudakodi (Siddha Medicine) "A divine herb which can fight against any poisonous bites" Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Herbal Medicines) "Chemparathai" (Siddha Medicine) "Its cool potency even makes it use to cure psychiatric ailments in Siddha" Vitex negundo (Herbal Medicines) "Nochi" (Siddha Medicine) "This herb is the best to bring the aggrevated vatham or vali humour of the body to normal"

Herbal Medicine Videos – Virtual Siddha Herbal Garden

Andrographis paniculata (Herbal Medicines) "Nilavembu" (Siddha Medicine) "The better medicine to kill bitter ailments" Oxalis corniculata (Herbal Medicines) "Puliyarai" (Siddha Medicine) "Though among the smallest creation of God, but one among the most significant medicinal herb" Azadirachta indica (Herbal Medicines) "Vembu" or "Neem" (Siddha Medicine) "An extreme fighter against diseases and germs"

Medicinal Plants & its uses – Virtual Herbal Garden

Medicinal Plants & its uses – Virtual Herbal Garden

"Siddha Medicine or Siddham is not purely a medical system for curing the physical body, its a way of life formulated by Siddhars through their vision and realisation for getting peace for the mind, health for the physical body and purity for the Soul. Siddhars through their Great powers like Attamasiddhikal and through immense prayers realised the fact that Soul which is ultimately a part of the Supreme which is

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