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Lavangam – Herbal Remedy for Dental diseases

Plant name : Lavangam “Herbal Remedy for Dental diseases,Kapha diseases and Digestive problems”. Botanical name : Syzygium aromaticum Family : Myrtaceae Actions : Anti-spasmodic, Stomachic, Carminative, Aromatic. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The choornam of lavamgam is given in the dose of 1/2 to 1 gram with honey twice a day for cough fever and digestive problems. For halitosis, tooth ache and other dental problems, cotton wool soaked in clove oil can be applied externally over the

Amman pacharisi – Herbal Remedy for Warts

Plant name : Amman pacharisi “The milky extract of this plant is externally applied for treating warts & molluscum”. Botanical name : Euphorbia hirta Family : Euphorbiaceae Actions : Laxative, Astringent, Refrigerant. Siddha Medicinal Uses : Paste of the leaves is applied externally to cure swellings and ulcers. The milky extract of the plant is applied externally to cure warts. For Leucorrhoea, in woman the paste of the leaves is given along with butter milk.

Parpatakam – Herbal Remedy for Fever

Plant name : Parpatakam “A Siddha Medicinal herb to cure fever”. Botanical name : Oldenlandia corymbosa Family : Rubiaceae Actions : Febrifuge, Diaphoretic, Stomachic, Laxative Siddha Medicinal Uses : The decoction of samoolam can be administered in the conditions like fever, jaundice etc. Fresh Manjal along with samoolam of this plant can be ground well into karkam and prepared as oil for skin diseases like ezcema, scabies etc. As a Uterine tonic and Garpa sudhi action

Inbooral – A Herbal Styptic

Plant name : Inbooral “An excellent Siddha herb with Styptic action. Used in all bleeding conditions”. Botanical name : Oldenlandia umbellata Family : Rubiaceae Actions : Styptic, Expectorant, Chalagogue. Siddha Medicinal Uses : In the bleeding conditions like Menorrhagea, Siddha Medicine prepared from Inbooral in the form of Mathirai, Vadagam or Leghyam is administered as directed by the Siddha Phyisician. For toxic bites and ulcers the decoction prepared from its roots and leaves are used externally

Thamarai – A Herbal Remedy for Cardiac ailments

Plant name : Thamarai “The flower of this plant is effective in management of Thamaraga noi (Cardiac ailments)”. Botanical name : Nelumbo nucifera Family : Nymphaeceae Actions : Coolant, Nutrient, Expectorant, Cardiac tonic. Siddha Medicinal Uses : For burning sensation of body Lotus flower can be ground as a paste and applied over the externally. The rhizome paste along with milk can be given internally for increased body heat and burning micturation. For toxic snake bites the

Koyya – Herbal Remedy for Diarrhoea & Cholera

Plant name : Koyya “A Medicinally important and commonly available Tree all over the country”. Botanical name : Psidium guajava Family : Myrtaceae Actions : Astringent, Tonic, Laxative. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The decoction of the leaves can be given in Diarrhoea, Cholera etc. For toothache the leaves can be chewed and this paste can be kept in contact with the teeth for some time. The bark or roots (1 palam) can be prepared as decoction and given

Karivempu – Herbal Remedy for Diarrhoea

Botanical name : Murraya koenigii Family : Rutaceae Actions : Stomachic, Tonic, Anti-dysenteric, Carminative. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The decoction prepared from the leaves, bark and roots can be given for dysentry, diarrhoea, bascillary dysentry, loss of apetite etc. The leaves of this plant can be ground well and mixed with egg of a hen, should be taken raw or after cooking in the conditions like diarrhoea, dysentry etc.

Annasipazham – Herbal Remedy for Indigestion

Plant name : Annasipazham “Not only tasty this fruit is Healthy for our GIT and a potent Emmenagogue”. Botanical name : Ananas comosus Family : Bromeliaceae Actions : Digestive, Laxative, Emmenagogue, Germicide. Siddha Medicinal Uses : The consumption of this fruit regularly is very helpful for those suffering from Indigestion and less appetite. Either the fruit or its juice can be taken. The ladies who are suffering from irregular menstruation or dysmenorrhoea are adviced to take this

Vazhai – Herbal Remedy for Menorrhagia

Plant name : Vazhai “It is commonly available. All parts are Medicinal too”. Botanical name : Musa paradisiaca Family : Musaceae Actions : Astringent, Refrigerant, Nutritive, Diuretic, Laxative. Siddha Medicinal Uses : For Menorrhagia, a Siddha Medicine called VaazhaiPoo Vadakam is found very effective when administered twice a day. The flower can be crushed well and fried with castor oil, this can be used for formentation in the extremeties for complaints like burning sensation. It can also

Sivanmelpodi – Herbal Remedy for Hypertension

Plant name : Sivanmelpodi “The root of this plant looks similar to a snake. Medicinally important too". Botanical name : Rauvolfia serpentina Family : Apocynaceae Actions : Anti-hypertensive, Styptic, Nervine-tonic, Abortifacient. Siddha Medicinal Uses : For Hypertension and its associated symptoms like Headache and Giddiness, 1/2 to 1 gram of the powder of the root can be given along with equal amount of Triphala powder twice a day. The dose can be increased to three times