Urinary Tract Infection – Siddha Medicine & Treatment

The Urinary Tract comprises of a pair of kidneys, a pair of uretersurinary bladder and urethra. Urinary Tract Infection or (UTI) is infection  caused by any pathogenic organism like Bacteria, Fungi, or parasite in  any of the part comprising Urinary Tract. When it affects bladder, it is  called Cystitis, when affects Urethra it is known as Urethritis. Kidney  infection otherwise called upper urinary tract infection is also known as  Pylonephritis.

Risk factors 

UTI is more common in woman as it is seen that in woman urethra is  short, hence entry of pathogens is easy because of its location close to  anus and vagina. Patient with catheter or patients suffering from  complaints of Prostatitis are also prone to UTI. Sexual intercourse also  increases the risk of UTI.


Escherichia coli is the major bacteria causing UTI, Fungal and Parasite involvement may also be a cause.


Most of the individual will have no symptoms or minor symptoms.  Frequent urge to urinate associated with pain or Dysuria, is the common  complaint. Urine may be accompanied with pus or blood. Ladies suffering  from UTI commonly complains of lower abdominal discomfort with  vaginal discharge. Fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning micturation  are other symptoms.


Lower urinary tract infection involving Urethra is mainly associated with burning micturation, painful micturation with or without fever. In Cystitis, Supra pubic pain is seen along with burning micturation. Fever may or  may not be present. In Upper Urinary Tract infection involving Ureter and Kidneys – Pain in the flanks, Fever with rigor and vomiting is present along with Dysuria.


Routine examination of Urine is the common method of investigation  showing the presence of pus, blood, WBC, Bacteria or other organisms. In  case of UTI, along with the Urine examination Blood count, Renal Function  Test, USG (KUB) should be done to avoid further complications.

Modern Treatment 

Prolonged course of daily Antibiotics

Siddha Medicine & Treatment 

Kudineer or (decoction) :

Some of the decoction or kudineer used in the treatment of UTI are

  • Neermulli kudineer
  • Sirupeelai kudineer
  • Nannari kudineer


  • Eladi choornam
  • Malli choornam
  • Orithazh thamarai choornam
  • Nannari choornam
  • Sirupeelai choornam


  • Sathavari leghyam


  • Silasathu parpam
  • Vengara parpam
  • Kungiliya parpam
  • Nadukkal parpam
  • Padikara Parpam


  • Karisalai Karpa Tablet
  • Kalkaraichi Tablet

These are some common medicines usually prescribed by a Siddha physician with suitable adjuvants.

Siddha Home Remedies 

  • Stem of plantain tree is crushed and the juice is extracted and given twice a day (200 to 400 ml).
  • Fresh and ripe Vilvam fruit is given.
  • Lemon juice 2 to 3 glasses a day
  • Tender Coconut water 2 to 3 glasses a day
  • Yoghurt, Pineaples, carrot juice, barley water etc are helpful.

Apart from all these medicines it is very important to increase fluid intake  mainly water (at least upto 3 litres a day) which may easily help to flush out bacteria and avoid dehydration. A good perineal hygiene is a must. Avoid delay in Urination. Emptying of bladder before and after going to bed should be done.


Most UTI has no complication and can be resolved with or without  treatment. Chronic Urinary tract infection may lead to abcess and ulcers in  Urinary Tract, Fistula and even Kidney failure. Proper medication should be done else there are chances of  recurrence of  UTI.

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