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Golden Island

Kerala, “Gods Own Country” is said to be one of the most important places of practice of “Vaidyam” or Ancient Traditional Treatments. There were Traditional Practitioners who used to provide treatments to the Royal families of South India. The practice of treatment like Kayakalpam or (Kayakarpam) or Rejuvenation Therapy or Sukha chikitsa was well accepted by the Royal Kings and other dignitaries. It was the symbol of Luxury or Royalty. Slowly with time, these sciences were re-established, and included in the Indian System of Medicine Siddha and Ayurveda.

Varkala, one of the most famous tourists spots in Kerala is known for its Natural beauty and scenery. Touched by the divine feet of Sree Narayana Guru, Sivagiri, this holy land is very special and divine. It is said that Gurudev inspired by Great Tamil Literature and culture used to promote Traditional Medical Practice for the well being of Human race. His teachings and preaches were similar to the Ideology of “Siddha Way Of Life”. This divine land blessed by the Great Janardana Swamy or God of Papanasam is worth seeing. Thousands of tourists daily visit this divine land from all over the world.

Golden Island 

Golden Island is a small island located in Anjengo lake, which is connecting three historically important places Varkala, Anjengo & Vakkom. If an imaginary line drawn between these three places in a birds eye view, just like a Triangle, Golden Island seems to be located at the center of the Triangle.
Golden Island Holistic Health Destination (GIHHD) is an initiative to incorporate comfort, health and spirituality into a project led by a group of people who prefer genuine and best service. The project is divided into three different zones – Health Zone, Leisure Zone & Spiritual Zone respectively.

Health Zone : Vakkom Palazzo a resort cum hotel with 4 star standards situated just near the Anjengo lake is marked as Health Zone. It can be easily accessed from Trivandrum International Airport at distance of 45 km and from Varkala Railway station only 10 kms. Well furnished rooms with healthy and tasty food under a team of executive staff and expert chef. Diet menu for patients and yogic food also is available. Special Kayakalpa, Siddha Marma treatments are performed under the management and guidance of Dr Amrit jude (Chief Physician) Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital, Varkala.

Kayakalpa Vakkom

Leisure Zone : Just opposite to Vakkom Pallazzo, Kayaloram Resorts – House Boats & Dine is situated beside the Anjengo lake. Visitors can avail country fish varieties, homely cooked in kerala style. House Boats and motor boats for surfing the beautiful greenery of the Anjengo lake and travel to the Spiritual Zone.

Spiritual Zone : Golden Island is the spot marked as Spiritual Zone. This place has historic importance as it is said to be a holy destination of ancient sages and saints who performed their Dhyanam (Meditation) and yogic practices. The island is specially known to have an ancient Siva temple where Pujas are performed sinces ages and even today. No Human inhabitation is allowed in the island to preserve the sacred vibrations. A portion of island away from the temple is designed by nature for meditation and Yogic Practices. The nature is undisturbed and preserved as such, perfect place to connect the ‘Self’ with ‘Nature’.

“The kind of spirituality which the project focus is not limited to any religion or not intended to promote any religious cult. It is based on nature, syncing the mind with nature and tuning it, finding more about Self for a healthy living”

Please Note : Boat service is provided to and fro whenever required. Houseboats with food and treatment facilities can be arranged. Visitors or clients who are unable to travel to Spiritual Zone can avail an extension of Health Zone provided specially designed for Spiritual and Yogic Practices. Kayakalpa Treatment

Siddha Literature and Siddha System of Medicine is the most ancient and primitive medical system. This divine science was originated and developed in Tamil Nadu. Now it is wide-spread all over the world especially in the places like Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. Treatment for Mind, Body and Soul is a part of Siddha Practice. Along with the body, the Mind should be tuned and Soul should be purified from illusion or Mayai. Just like polishing an ornament our Soul has to be cleansed from the impurities. The spiritual guidance from a teacher or Guru or Asan or a Good Physician along with the positive changes in lifestyle, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayamam (Pranayama) is a way for it. Siddha medicines are Natural and Herbal with out any side effects. The treatments brings effective results for almost all diseases. Earlier Traditionally practiced.

Treatment for various diseases requires a properly filled online reservation form. A mail shall be sent to you for the online consultation after receiving the form. Doctors may insist for blood test reports or any other lab investigations depending on the ailments if needed. As the doctors themselves carry the treatment procedures so they attend maximum 3 cases a month. Cases are prioritized according to the date of submission and severity of complaints.

Internal and External treatments are available for Vatha diseases (Rhuematoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Lumbago etc), Fever, Respiratory problems (Asthma, Bronchial ailments, Sinusitis etc.), Digestive problems (Indigestion, Peptic ulcer, Piles etc), Urinary complaints (Calculi, Burning micturation, White discharge etc), Marmam or Varma Injury, Skin diseases etc.

Kayakalpa Medicines

Sugachikitsa or Kayakalpam (Kayakarpam) or Rejuvenation Therapy is also available here. The therapies like full body massage, Cervical Massage, Spine Massage, Face Massage, Head Massage, Medicated Nasal application or Nasiyam, Formentation or Kizhi, other physical manipulatory techniques like Marma, Varma adangal, Steam therapy etc is available most qualified and experienced hands. Kayakalpa treatments requires pre-booking at least one month back.

Read more about our Kayakalpa Programme

The rates for treatment of diseases may differ from the kayakalpa treatment. Contact doctor for details.

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