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Rejuvenation or Kayakalpa in Siddha is based on the Dehakuri or temperment of the patient, Seasonal or Climatic variation, health and age factor of patient and Envagai Thervu or Eight Diagnostic methods (Nadi, Sparsam, Naa, Niram, Mozhi, Vizhi, Malam, Moothiram). Based on these physiological and clinical factors, a Siddha physician decide the type of treatment a patient requires.

Kayakalpam in Siddha is based on Pancha bhootha panchikarnam. Human body is made of 5 elements and 3 humours( Vatham, Pitham and Kapham). These forces or humours are in a balanced ratio in our body say 1:1/2:1/4 as Vatha: Pitha: Kapha. Sometimes due to some pathological reason or seasonal variation this equilibrium or balanced ratio may change and hence diseases may occur. A Siddha Physician who is well versed in Naadi diagnosis can detect this change and prescribe internal and external medicines accordingly.

Kayakalpa TreatmentKayakalpa chikitsa or Kayakalpa treatment:

First and fore most aspect in this treatment is detoxification of cells or cleansing the body and bringing the vitiated humour into normal.

Three types of treatment is used for this :

  • Virechanam or Purgation : This type of treatment is done usually for patients suffering from vatha noikal or Vatha diseases. Medicines like Agasthiyar kuzhambu, kowsiyar kuzhambu etc are given according to age and body condition of patient with suitable adjuvant. Such medicines are given on the very first day in empty stomach. Food regimen is usually very light and easily digestible. This treatment helps in flushing out the impurities from the body and the body gets ready for kayakalpa or general treatment.
  • Vamanam or Vomiting Therapy : This type of treatment is done for patients with aggrevated pitha humour. Excess phlegm or mucus in respiratory canal is also eliminated by this. Dose of the medicine is decided according to the disease, age and physical condition of patient. Emetic therapy should be contraindicated or prohibited in patients suffering from hernia, rectal prolapse, post surgical period, some neurological disease, paralysis etc.
  • Nasiyam : Instillation of 1 to 5 drops of medicated oil in each nostril is done to remove excess mucus and toxins from the sinuses and nasal passage particularly in Kapha patients. Different oil is used for different patients according to age, body type and disease. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, respiratory ailments and headache are benefited by such treatment.

Kayakalpa Therapy :

After the above said line of treatment, Siddha physician decides the next course of treatment.

These are the following treatment types which are usually performed as kaya kalpa therapy. Number of days in each treatment and type of treatment is decided by the doctor after complete physical examination.

External Treatment for Body :

  • Thokkanam : Physical manipulation includes nine types of various massage and Varma techniques. According to patient, Varma or Marma massage for Head, Spine, Face,full body massage is also done
  • Vedhu : Herbal stream bath
  • Lepanam : Medicated paste for joint pain, dry skin, swellings in joints etc
  • Dhara : Herbal preaprations as liquid poured on forehead or body.
  • Kizhi : Medicated bundles used for formentation or heat application after general body massage or Thokkanam. Different types of kizhi is used for different patients. Various types of kizhi available are podi kizhi, Ela kizhi, Nyavara kizhi, naranga kizhi, Tavidu kizhi, Mutta kizhi, Mamsa kizhi etc.
  • Pizhichil : Pouring oil from head to toe from a certain elevation in patients suffering from body pain or vatha ailments
  • Medicated eye appilcation
  • Face packs prepared from multani mitti and herbs, Special bath powders for body and scalp.

Kayakalpa Medicines (Internal):

Specially traditionally prepared mookootu, Kayakalpa medicines in form of pills, mathirai, decoctions are administered. These special medicines are called kalpa avizhtham or rasayanam which provides general health, longevity, sexual vigor and immunity. Patients or clients may have to undergo Blood Test on request of doctor if needed.

For Mind and Soul :

  • Dhyanam(Meditation) and Yoga
  • Counseling and Advises for Stress and Depression

Our Kayakalpa Programme : 

  • Very Clean and hygienic private room in resort. Full of amidst greenary and away from pollution.
  • Traditional Siddha Treatment by experienced hands.
  • Clean and Fresh atmosphere. Specially designed platforms for Meditation, Yoga and Exercise.
  • Traditionally and specially designed massage table and apparatus for oilation, Thokkanam, Kizhi, Pizhichil etc.
  • Herbal Steam bath apparatus available.
  • Diet Chart for each client are well planned by doctors. Special diet charts for Obesity and Weight loss and Life Style disorders.
  • All internal medicines, safe and tested.
  • Patients will be under doctor’s guidance and monitoring throughout the treatment.
  • Free Life Style counseling, Stress relieving counseling available.

Kayakalpa Vakkom

Siddha Kayakarpa Treatment :

  • Thokkanam : Physical manipualation technique involving 9 steps of treatment. Includes various massage and varma techniques. Usually takes 50 minutes to 1 hour. Different types of Herbal oils may be used for each case according to body type and condition. This treatment helps to strengthen the locomotor system, gives freshness to the body. It removes body pain, promote sleep, acts as an aphrodisiac. In other words this treatment rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.
  • Vedhu or Steam Therapy : After thokkanam steam bath is given in a specially designed steam apparatus. Herbal decoctions are used for steam to increase sweat gland secretions and eliminate waste from the body. Obesity and nervine disorders, Rheumatic complaints are well benefitted from this treatment. Usually takes 20 minutes to complete this treatment.
  • Nasiyam : Medicated oil for cleaning the nasal passage. Helps treating headache, sinusitis, neck pain, ear problems and other respiratory ailments. Time : 30 minutes
  • Sirodhara : Warm oil, milk, buttermilk is continuosly poured over fore head from a height of 2.5 to 3 inch height. Usually takes 40 minutes to finish the treatment.
  • Lepanam : Herbal paste or powder is smeared on different parts of body to treat joint pain, swelling. Exfoliation or dry skin removal is also done by this method. Usually takes 20 minutes time period.
  • Pizhichil : Warm Herbal oil or decoctions is continuously poured from head to toe from a constant height. It may take 40 minutes time period. Treatment of rheumatic complaints, nervine disorders, skin disorders are done by this method.
  • Kizhi : Medicated bundles usually done after massage treatment or thokkanam. Takes 30 minutes. Treatment of rheumatic, Nervine, Spine complaints are cured by this. Various kizhi types like Podi Kizhi, Ela kizhi, Muttai kizhi, Naranga Kizhi, mamsa kizhi, Nyavara kizhi etc are available here.
  • Weight Loss Programme : Special oil, Herbal powder massage and Steam bath available to treat obesity.
  • Specially prepared bath powders for skin ailments, herbal decoctions for external use or bath available. (20 minutes)
  • Hair fall and dandruff treatment available.

Kayakalpa Medicines

Treatment Days and Rates :

The number of days of treatment may range from 7,9, 14,22, 29 as per doctors examination and need of clients.

Rate or Cost Of Treatment :

General Rejuvenation Treatment : for 1 day may start from Rs2500 or 50$ approx (rate may slightly vary depending on nature of illness and condition of body)

Accommodation :

Handicapped room (designed for differently abled person) with AC Rs 2500 + Tax per day

Deluxe Room AC Rs 3000 + Tax

Suite Room AC Rs 5000 + Tax

Food shall be planned according to doctor’s diet chart. Food is healthy, nutritious and pure vegetarian. Arrangements shall be made for airport receiving and see – off. Patients and clients can fill the form and send it to us or write a mail for reservation of treatment. According to the numbering and priority we shall reply each mail or arrange treatment.
However we concentrate on only 1-2 case at a time. So we pardon if unexpected delay occurs in replying any mail.

Reservation for Kayakalpa or Rejuvenation Treatment :

Just fill the form below and send it to us. We may fix an appointment according to the priority or demand. However Treatment plan, type of external treatments, medicines, diet etc can only be planned only after complete physical examination of patient.

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  1. I have psoriasis from past 5 years.it started after marriage when went for allopathy to treat a allergy.after that it started patch in leg palm.from last 2 years i am undergoing homeopathy treatment.last 2 months it aggrevated in ankle and puz oozing. Sometimes it swollen in affected areas. Kindly guide for treatment

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