As covid cases increases in Tamil Nadu, more people turn to Siddha

With Covid-19 cases witnessing a surge the number of people seeking Siddha care and treatment is also increasing Chennai.

“After a lot of Covid patients were successfully treated in Siddha hospitals, people are now confident and a lot of them are reaching out for care,” said Dr S Vembu, a Siddha practitioner. Reportedly, more than 8,000 Covid patients, who were asymptomatic and/or had mild symptoms, were treated successfully at Siddha Covid Care Centres.

Even traditional medicine stores in Chennai have witnessed a surge in demand. Doctors at the Siddha hospital also say that non-Covid patients, too, have consulted for immunity boosters. “Over the past two weeks, the demand for kashayams to treat cold and cough increased manifold. I am selling at least 8-10 bottles per day. Some are even buying syrups for wheezing,” said Gopalakrishnan, who owns a traditional medicine store at Adambakkam. Similar is the sales of Vani’s traditional medicine store at Nanganallur. “Lehyam to treat cold and cough are being sold like hotcakes. Also, the sale of kabasura kudineer and other concoctions, which claim to increase immunity, are also on the rise,” she said.

However, doctors have cautioned people not to consider these concoctions as treatment and advised them to undergo treatment, if Covid-19 positive. “In case the person self medicating is Covid positive, he/she will put both themselves and people around them in grave danger. When you take a medicine (allopathy or Indian), the symptoms might reduce. But, you will continue to infect others. This can lead to a community spread. So, it is necessary for people to stay safe and consult a doctor,” said Dr R Radhakrishnan of Guindy.

Source The Indian Express