NIS suggests simple remedies to boost immunity during post COVID-19

With an increased focus on immunity in the post COVID-19 situation,  National Institute of Siddha (NIS), Chennai has launched a campaign on the traditional medicine, providing simple remedies to enhance resistance and lead a healthy life. Being carried out under the guidance of Dr R Meenakumari, director, NIS, the campaign involves the dissemination of information by Siddha doctors and students to those visiting the premier institute and is done online as well. Many ingredients that can be remedies, either in combination or alone, have traditionally been used in Indian cuisine and now is the time to revert to traditional recipes, doctors at the premier institute here said.

In the absence of a vaccine for the coronavirus, Siddha medicine could be used to boost people’s immunity, according to Dr H Vetha Merlin Kumari, Associate Professor, Department of Pothu Maruthuvam (General Medicine), NIS. She said many health issues crop up due to lack of nutritional diet. “People in both urban and rural areas don’t attach importance to nutrition. The ancient science of Siddha medicine offers diversity of formulations and treatment practices for multiple immunity destroying diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke and cancer,” she added.

“Amla, for instance, is a natural enhancer of immunity and capable of improving the overall health of the individual,” Dr R Madhavan, Associate Professor, Department of Nanju Maruthuvam (Toxicology) NIS, said. Siddha doctors recommend Amla for those who have recovered from COVID-19 and lack immunity.

Post recovery from coronavirus, some people may show symptoms like fatigue, headache, sore throat, cough, difficulty in breathing, dropping of oxygen levels, new onset of anxiety, depression, weakness and sleeplessness. “We recommend nellikai leghiyam (made of Amla) and Amukkura choornam to overcome post recovery complications and strengthen the body and maintain good health,” Merlin Kumari added. For steam inhalation, she recommends the use of Thulasi, neem leaves and turmeric.

“One should take an oil bath regularly to boost the immunity,” she said. The Siddha for Immunity campaign, launched as part of the Ayush Ministrys three-month ‘AYUSH for Immunity’ initiative, is aimed at acquainting the people with valuable information about strengths of various Siddha-based solutions for enhancing immunity and preventing diseases. Apart from Kabasura herbal concoction, the NIS is creating awareness on Nilavembu kudineer, Amukura choornam and Triphala choornam, and other locally available herbs to be adopted in daily life to prevent diseases.

Source : Financial Express