Introduction to Kayakalpa Treatment

Introduction to Kayakalpa Treatment

Siddha tamil books are rich source of Medicinal and special preparations for treatment of various diseases. Not only that, it emphasizes on Karpa medicines and importance of it in human life. These medicines were formulated several thousand years back by our great Siddhars, for the well being of the mankind. Kayakarpam is a special branch of Siddha medicine. “Kaya” means Body and “Karpa” means strong as stone’ Hence it together means keeping the body as strong as stone.

Kayakarpam is the process of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation helps to prolong life of human beings and prevent ageing, greying of hair, wrinkling and even death. According to Siddhars, Longevity or Rejuvenation is not only essential to keep the body healthy but also helpful in purifying the soul by preserving the body so as to attain the salvation or ultimate truth. This is well explained in the precious writings of “Thirumanthiram”.

Kayakarpam not only includes avizhtham or medicines, it also consisits of regimen of life like Ashtanga yoga and secrets of Muppu which is also known as crown of Siddha medicine.

Kayakarpam medicines are now introduced everywhere around the world with different names like Rejuvenators, Age controlling drugs etc by various renowned brands in form of hair oil, face creams, syrups etc. But these are nothing but chemicals which not only empties the pocket of the customer but also reduces his faith in real kayakarpam preparations.

Kayakarpam medicines have certain restrictions and regimen. According to Siddham,

  • It is always started in an auspicious day.
  • The person is counseled by giving a good concept about the Therapy and its benefits. This is done to make his mind peaceful and setup for the treatment.
  • The person is made aware about the importance of soul and eternal truth of union of jeevatma and paramatma through a perfect body. Hence this improve the Immune power of the person by realizing this fact of protecting his body in order to protect his divine soul.
  • The food is maintained properly and sour, salt, fish, meat, pungent food are strictly avoided.
  • The medicines are given for a particular course without any break.
  • The Karpa drugs should be given by physicians who are experienced and renowned.
  • Sexual life should be avoided while taking Karpa medicines.
  • Karpa avizhtham or medicines include herbal, mineral and animal preparations. They are of two types

Daily prepared or already prepared medicines

Herbal Karpa avizhtham are mentioned in texts like Theraiyyar yamaga vemba, Bohar karpa 300, Bohar 7000, Thiruvalluvar karpa 300, Pulathiar karpam 300etc.

Mineral Karpa medicines are present in Texts like Agasthiyar chendooram 300, Bohar 7000, Bohar 700 etc.

Benefits of Kayakarpam

Kayakarpam provides both Spiritual and general benefits :

Spiritually, the serpent power or Kundalini is aroused and the super conscious state is attained ,when the Jeevatma get united with Paramatma. Karpam like Ashtanga yoga makes this possible. By regular practice of Yoga stress and strain also gets relieved and lifespan increases.

General benefits include :

  • Delaying of natural phenomenon of ageing
  • Health and mind is strengthened
  • Life style diseases like Diabetes mellites, Hypertension, Ischemic Heart disease can be prevented.
  • Soul can be purified and salvation is attained.
  • No side effects are present as these are safe drugs.
  • Occurrence of diseases can be prevented.

In brief Kayakarpam nourishes the three – Mind, Body, and Soul.!

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