Health Secrets of Indian Gooseberry and turmeric

Both Amla or Indian gooseberry and turmeric are very ancient herbs used in various health problems. Both of them are used separately and also in combinations with other herbs in various choornams, tablets and other formulations. Both of these herbs are individually enriched with numerous health benefits.

Here is a simple yet very effective formulation combining these two super herbs. This is called Nisa Amalaki choornam. Nisa is other name for turmeric and amalaki is amla or Indian gooseberry. The description and formulae with health benefits is given below.

Nisa Amalaki choornam

A unique blend of two herbs- Indian goose berry and Turmeric. This choornam consist of dry amla or Indian gooseberry powder and Turmeric or manjal (haldi) powder both mixed in equal proportions.

Dose: Adults 1 to 3 gms with warm water after food two to three times a day as prescribed by physician
It has following health benefits :

Anti Diabetic

This powder has anti – hyperglycemic properties. Amla or Indian gooseberry delays the glucose release in blood and prevent the damage of pancreas. Turmeric helps to improve beta cells of pancreas and it has anti diabetic effect too.

Anti cancer

Both gooseberry and turmeric are rich in antioxidants so this powder is extremely helpful in treating Cancer. It has immuno-modulatory functions too. Turmeric in this powder is known to have powerful anti cancer properties because of the presence of curcumin. Along with healthy organic diet this formula is much more effective than expensive the expensive chemo therapy.

Anti Allergic

Combination of turmeric and gooseberry is a good source of anti oxidants with anti inflammatory and anti allergic properties especially for skin and respiratory ailments.

Urinary Disorders

Frequent urination, Albuminurea, Urinary infection etc are well managed by this combination

Skin Problems and Ulcers

Both amla and turmeric have wound healing properties and so this is an excellent medicine for skin ailments like pruritis, eczema, urticaria etc. It can also be used against vericose ulcers, and other wounds and unhealing ulcers.

Hope the post is useful. Take care! Stay healthy!

Please note : Before consumption kindly consult a Siddha physician for proper diagnosis and right dose.