Focus on Self – A journey within

"A Life well Synchronised with Nature"

Siddhar Thirumoolar in one of his famous verses said :

“Andathilullathe Pindam Pindathilullathe Andam
Andamum Pindamum Ontre Athai Arinthuthan Paarkkum Pothe”

This verses said by Thirumoolar was so scientific, deep and beyond imagination. Our Physical Body is made up of Five elements – Munn (Earth), Neer (Water), Thee (Fire), Vali (Air), Aakayam (Space). These five elements are the fundemental components of our Universe too. So the entities of Microcosm and Macrocosm are the same. When one leaves the physical body, the five elements from the body circulates back into the Nature.

Spiritual Knowledge from these verses make one realise the fact that “A Life well Synchronised with Nature” The things belonging to Nature is present in Living forms and vice versa. Thus, both are same, we need to Learn, Realise and Perceive.

Lets keep the Nature on one side and take a journey to “YOU” or the “Self”. As per Indian Traditional Literature’s “IYAMA” and “NIYAMA” are the basics to tune “Self”. ‘Iyama’ and ‘Niyama’ means some basic guidelines to tune the yourself into Healthy being and to get synchronised with Nature. It becomes intertesting if you think and have deep look into “YOUR” “SELF”. In a physician’s perception, while diagnosing Naadi or Pulse of a person, the rhythm has many amazing stories to tell. Like wise one needs to realise the facts about SELF that is to follow Iyama and Niyama before starting any Yogic Practices like Asanas, Meditation or Kriyas. This means ‘You’ must know some simple important facts about “YOU”, imagine if the Y and U are two magnetic Poles. that is the reason the “O” within YOU exist. Making it clear, inner light or self is preserved within the Adharam protected by our Vital forces or Naadi.

Just like Nature our body undergoes changes constantly. Siddhar’s in their versus in Literatures have clearly mentioned the changes occuring in the Human body, various diseases or Pathological conditions due to impact of change in climate. With the onset of each season, the regimens to be followed and the steps or methods to prevent diseases and seasonal afflictions, all these are well explained in the texts.

From our school days we are learning that we utilise Oxygen from Nature (that is Inhalation of Oxygen and Exhalation of Carbon dioxide). This is an Extraordinary mechanism designed in our body to uptake Air from Nature via nostrils and extract the Oxygen from it through the lungs and utilise it in all our Biochemical metabolic processes essential for our EXISTENCE, then exhaling the toxic Carbon dioxide via the same route. Oxygen one of the key factors for OUR existence, is a token of care from “OUR MOTHER NATURE”. The Oxygenated blood from the Lungs is circulated through the Heart to all body parts. The Heart is a muscular organ that beats throughout life without resting a second. It pumps the oxygenated blood to all body parts, and impure blood from the body systems is again purified in lungs in presence of oxygen and transported to heart, This way the cycle continues.

As theoretical interpretation, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in Medical texts explains the individual and mutual functions of Heart and Lungs and Pathological conditions that results during diseased condition of any of these organs. If problem occurs in any one of these organ, the whole body is affected.

But there are many hidden facts of our body which Modern Science fails to document and which are beyond the reach and understanding of general research scholars. For example, Siddhars relates the appearance of Heart as a Lotus (Thamarai), In Siddha the diseases pertaining to heart is termed as Thamaraka Noi. Thamarai or Lotus is used in treatment of diseases pertaining to heart too So in any manner the term ‘ Thamarai’ is significant for its appearance and functions, this was explained decades back by our Siddhars.

Another example is the study of Marmam or Varmakalai. Marmam or Varmam are vital points through which Prana or Life force flows in a Human body. Imagine a Hydro electric Power Plant that generates Electricity and transports it to many distant places. For transporting a uniform current to all these places and maintain the voltage and prevent the lag of current, step up transformers are placed in various necessary junctions of the network. Similarly if we consider our heart which starts the generation of impulse from the SA node then initiates and continues pumping of Blood by this mechanism. When Heart pumps the blood to all parts of the body there are hidden vital points just like step up transformers to regulate the flow of blood. These vital Self amplifying junctions may be compared to Varma or Marma points.

When a Marma point gets injured the blood circulation adjacent to that area is affected and the Prana or life force gets diverted from its normal path resulting into symptoms resembling disease/ signs and symptoms which a Marma Asan or a good Siddha Physician can understand and treat accordingly. Similarly there may be vital points or Marmam in the junctions of our Earth which when disturbed or hurt may lead to diseases like natural calamities/ Nature disasters. Even though scientists have conducted numerous experiments from space, water and even in other planets but still there is no device or surety devices for predicting or detecting a Natural disaster like Earth quake. The weather forecast may have improved facilities but many times they have failed to report the actual happenings and sudden disasters. This is because there my be a deep hidden Marma Science of Earth. This also reminds us about various activities of exploiting Mother Earth that has been illegal in laws of nature.

Medical Science has spread its branch all over the world today. Introduction of Antibiotics has made a revolution in the growth of pharmaceutical companies. New medicines are entering into the system daily, doctors are prescribing these medicines to the patients of all age groups. However, overuse and misuse of such drugs have led to more prominent side effects than its actual drug effect. We all are familiar with the term ‘Drug Resistance’, its a condition that occurs due to over use of a drug that fails to give therapeutic response to the body.

All these factors indicates to hear the call from nature and to trust again like we did earlier. Nature has an infinite treasure of precious herbs which has 0 side effects and only benefits. It does not mean that modern medicines are not worthy. Modern medicines are excellent for tackling an emergency or during surgical intervention. But for simple day to day health problems or chronic ailments we should go with our nature’s gifted drug house.

In olden days, Vaidyars and Asan’s or Pandits used to stress about utilisation of more oxygen into the lungs by regular practice of Pranayama or Breathing exercises. These practices helps the lungs to pump more oxygenated blood into the heart that in turn helps to eliminate free radicals out of the body, hence body becomes healthy and disease free. Even modern Science proves that Pranayama helps in diseases like Diabetes, Skin diseases, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV or AIDS and the list is endless. Regular practice of Pranayama also improves the mental health and he becomes a preacher of Mother Nature”, worships his body like a temple and preserve and empower the inner light within just like the atmospheric oxygen helps to light up a divine lamp or a candle. If we follow these practices we can make ourselves immune and prevent diseases or ailments.

This means that Nature protects our mind, body and inner light. Each component of Nature teaches us the way to live right. If we get sync with nature, we can realise the truth of life. We can feel the divine power in nature just like the the strong powerful sun rays which empowers each atom of universe, The air that teaches us to learn breathing and when we go more deep into nature, we can understand the benefits of regulating our breath and improving our lung capacity by benefiting from Pranayama. At the same time if we love nature, we will never destroy its flora and fauna that may interfere in the eco-balance. The heavenly Earth teaches us to grow our food and Eat right. Eating for living should be the motto, eating right for healthy body. Our body is made up of 70% water, drinking water is very essential for maintaining our body structures and components. Nature provides us water but its also our duty to conserve water as it is precious and needed by all living things in this planet. Nature also teaches us to give space to all living things. If we understand to importance of harmonising with nature, we will be in state of peace and harmony with each other around us let it be Human or other living components.

Thus, Get back to nature, pray nature, love nature, nurture nature, preserve nature and live in peace. Our physical body is nothing but illusion and it is a fact. Nature always grows and it enables our body and mind to grow and synchronise our selves with it. But this reality has to be understood, realised and followed . If truth lies in Nature and we need to focus on it, then why does a person spend his whole life in search of a Guru or Master to guide or take him into the path of ‘Enlightenment’? ‘ Enlightenment’ term is used now-a-days in books and classes of spiritual scholars but does it really make any sense? Did anyone achieve this so called ‘Enlightenment’ and in what ways? They all leave their body and nature accepts them after death. Even though their cult may continues but their reality does not exist because they are a part of illusionary world. Their entire life is devoted for this search and at the end they realise that what they have been searching whole life is within them itself. But why does this happen? Why is one unaware of this fact in his whole life? This is because our life in this materialistic world is just like a character playing different roles in a play. And as the show or the play must go on, the truth remains far away from our consciousness.

Realise the truth, which is inside yourself. Worship the nature to understand the hidden truth that lies in your inner being. Else everything is nothing but a snare of illusion!!! Our Siddhars emphasized prevention of diseases, the ways to live a harmonised life with each entity of mother nature. Instead of wandering for a Guru, Ashram, formation of a particular cult and Illusionary bondages our whole life, why can’t we worship nature and inner light of each other to live in peace which is based on the teachings of our Siddhars as a guide and teachings as guidelines. If this truth is realised and preached then we will grow with nature and finally our relationship will become unbreakable, even after our death, our generations will keep the same promise and Nature will shower only blessings.

Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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