Prakruti or Temperament in Siddha

Vatha dehi, Pitha dehi, and Kapha dehi

Temperament or Prakruti of a person acquires his or her natural character of body on the basis of three humours – Vatham, Pitham and Kapham. This is because the anatomical and physiological components of the body is constituted by these three humours. Hence, each person is classified as Vatha dehi, Pitha dehi, and Kapha dehi.

Vatha dehi Kuri (Features of a vatha person)

The body of such person will have Vatham above normal ratio while Pitham and Kapham below normal ratio.

People with Vatha temperament will have following features :

  • Crepitation will be felt in the joints.
  • The speech of such people will be clear but occasionally slurring of speech occurs.
  • Such people will have desire for sweet, sour, salt and hot food with increased appetite and decreased physical activity.
  • They will have less sexual desire.
  • These people are indecisive with less mental capability but will have a love for sports, games, hunting, music and massage.
  • They have a fighting tendency they are Kleptomaniac and rarely become glorious.
  • They do not have sound sleep and dream of mountain range, space, clouds and forest.
  • They are slim and tall with bulky and well nourished thighs.

Pitha dehi Kuri (Features of a Pitha person)

In these persons Pitham will be in above normal ratio and the other 2 humours will be below normal ratio.

The characteristics of people with Pitha dehi are :

  • The muscles covering the bones and joints will be less.
  • These people have a sense of heat in body always and will have excessive sweating with bad odour, wrinkled skin and yellowish red complexion.
  • These people can’t tolerate hunger anger and fear.
  • Body hairs are minimal and scalp hairs are grayish.
  • They have acnes and moles.
  • They have desire for sweet, astringent, bitter and cold food.
  • They have desire for scented cosmetics sandal paste etc.
  • They have less sexual desire.
  • These people have confidence, respect, clarity of thought, good deeds and love for others.
  • They dream usually about beautiful flowering trees, lighting, sun, brightness, fire etc.
  • They have an average lifespan.

Kapha dehi Kuri (Features of a Kapha person)

Such people have Kapham above the normal ratio than the other two humours.

The characteristics of people with Kapha dehi are :

  • Musculature of people with Kapha temperament is well nourished.
  • The body of people with Kapha dehi will be huge with more amount of adipose tissue.
  • These people will have broad shoulder, broad forehead, well built chest muscles.
  • The eyes of such people are beautiful large, with thick eyebrows.
  • Skin is golden or fair, voice is sweet, and brisk walk.
  • They like or have affinity towards bitter, astringent, pungent food with minimal food intake.
  • They have good ability to tolerate thirst, hunger, stress heat and fear.
  • They have good memory are intelligent and disciplined.
  • They are confident, polite, charitable with good thoughts and action.
  • They are people with sathwic character and are highly regarded by others.
  • They have a good sleep and usually dream of pond with lotus, humming bird, moving clouds etc.

Mixed Temperament or Thontha dehi

Its is usually seen that people not always have a single dominant humour. So a combined temperament occurs.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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