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Super foods to prevent cold & flu

A diet rich in a variety of produce like lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy products along with adequate sleep, moderate exercise and minimal stress contribute to a well-functioning immune system and may promote a faster recovery if you come down with a cold or a flu.

Carrots are rich in Packed with beta-carotene make an excellent base for soups, stews and risotto. Rich in vitamin A, carrots help fight cold and flu and also protect you from infections which are very common during the colder months.

Green tea 
Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant and has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. Drinking approximately three to five cups of green tea a day keeps your immune system in check. Chamomile tea is also said to possess antioxidants that help fight against cold and flu during the winters.

Mushrooms are said to be immune boosters. Mushrooms protect your system against cold and virus during winter. White mushrooms have significantly increased levels of natural killer cells – a vital component of the immune system.

Garlic is known to be the easiest home remedy to cure fever and cold. Western medicine has theorised that garlic has the ability to increase levels of enzymes that help the liver detoxify the blood that gives it special immune powers. Eating raw garlic provides maximum potency but if you cannot stomach the strong taste, you can have that cooked in food.

Known to be the safest and the easiest way to cure cold and fever during winter. Honey is known for its antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria and virus. You can have honey every night before going to bed, or mix it in a cup of warm milk for added advantage.

Source : The Times Of India

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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