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Top 6 ways to Fight Stress

Stress relieving techniques

Stress is the condition in which body reacts due to over load and pressure on mind and body. In this condition, the stress hormone adrenalin is secreted in large quantities, heart rate increases to provide more energy and mental clarity. The body fights and prepare itself to face the adverse situation or circumstances which causes stress. Though short term stress are dealt well but long term stress may lead to irreversible damage to both mind and body. Proper rest and nutrition can help overcome short term stress but if body is subjected to long term stress, mind gets into a worrying and confused state. Temper keeps on fluctuating making the person short tempered. Sleeplessness and stress headache may occur. Slowly lifestyle disorders like Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiac diseases are likely to occur due to deranged metabolic activity of the body.

Here are Top 6 ways which can help overcome stress in day to day life :

1. Anti stress food :

Foods which fight stress are listed below.

  • Nuts : Nuts like almonds are good source of Vitamin B2, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E etc. Vitamin E helps in fighting stress as it has Anti-oxidant properties.
  • Milk : Rich in Anti-oxidants, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Protein, Calcium etc, It is best to start your morning with a glass of milk to have a stress-free day.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C and Bananas : Berries and Oranges are rich in Vitamin C high fiber, low calories and enriched with Anti-oxidant properties. They are good sources of Anti-stress. Foods like banana are energy giving and also boost mind.
  • Salad : Dress your meal with salad made of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and carrots. This helps to prevent bloated stomach. They are energy giving low caloric foods, fiber rich and enriched with vital nutrients for a stress-free life.
  • Brown Rice : Brown rice is one of the most healthy diet which dieticians recommend to maintain high energy levels even in stressful situations. Have it daily for a sound body and mind.

2. Meditation :

Meditation is the best form of mental exercise which helps to retain mental clarity and calms the mind. For many many decades, meditation is used as a tool for relaxation. Not connected to any religion practice, anyone anywhere can practice to get the calming and relaxing benefits of meditation. At the end of the day, one should sit down in a calm, sound proof place, close the eyes and try to concentrate slowly observing the flow of breath. Initially the mind will be wandering with spinning thoughts but slowly long practice can help in balancing the thoughts and better concentration. This is most simple way how one can daily perform meditation even without a Yoga Guru. Long term meditation increases mental clarity, reduces anger and mood swings, Helps in bringing the feelings of socialism, peace and harmony, reduces anxiety, reduces cholesterol, reduces B.P, reduces muscular pain and tension promotes external and internal healing.

3. Pranayama :

Pranayama or breathing exercise developed by our Siddhars done for naadi suddhi and channelise prana in the right direction. Pranayama helps in regulating breathing, increases immunity, cures variety of mental and physical illness keeps the stress at bay, relaxes mind oxygenates blood and cleanses the lungs. Daily practice of pranayamam is good for healthy body and mind.

4. Exercise :

Exercise decreases stress hormone and boost the mind. Exercise helps to overcome tiredness, maintains overall mental and physical health with longevity going hand in hand. Regular exercise prevents obesity, promotes weight loss, clears the mind. It nourishes cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular system and circulatory system, It also prevents lifestyle diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes.

5. Massage :

Years and years our Siddhar’s laid stress on therapeutic methods like massage and varmam to overcome pain and improve circulation. Massaging not only strengthens the body but also does wonders to the brain.

6. Good Night Sleep :

Minimum 8 hours of sleep is required to maintain healthy body and mind. Stressful people may have hindrances to fall asleep. To overcome this problem warm shower before going to bed is helpful. Try to sleep before midnight. Always sleep in a dark room. Avoid electronic gadgets, laptop and mobile phones in bed room. Avoid meals and exercise too close to bed time. Keep the bedroom noise free cool and hygienic.

To certain extend stress is necessary for life. We need stress for creativity learning competition and survival. However stress becomes harmful when it interrupts equilibrium of mind and body, effecting nervous system circulatory system and digestive system. Avoid unhealthy ways to overcome stress like smoking, drinking, zoning out in TV’s and Computer, drugs, too much of sleep and withdrawal from family and activities. 
Hope the relaxing techniques mentioned in the articles helps our readers bring back active mind and body and keep it focused and clear.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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