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Fast food Addiction

Daily work load and busy weekdays make us depend on those pizza corners and fast food stalls to get delicious hot fast foods which satisfy our hunger and gives yummy taste. Adults, teenagers and especially kids are fond of such food items and get tempted when ever they pass through the fast food restuarants or peep through the glass windows seeing grilled chickens, french fries and shawarma. It won’t be a problem if once or twice a month we checking our favorite fast food parlour but what will happen if we make a regular habit of such foods? It is an alarming sign then…. Soaked in cholesterol and bombarded with trans fat and high calories, fast foods very unhealthy, regular consumption of which produces serious shocking health hazards.

Fast food Addiction : According to Science daily, high level of sugars and fats cause blood sugar fluctuations or spikes. People suddenly find themselves dependent or addictive or having immense cravings for those food stuffs. High fat and sugar in the fast food creates a vicious cycle making people hard to choose healthy foods as it also makes changes in their brain and body making it difficult to say No.

Some serious health Hazards due to addiction to fast foods is listed below :

  1. High Cholesterol : Processed foods loaded with Trans fat and calories increases bad cholesterol, total cholesterol and decreases good cholesterol.
  2. Obesity : Increased trans fat and calories in fast food causes weight gain and high BMI or body mass index leading to obesity and associated problems.
  3. High B.P or Hypertension : Increased Sodium content in fast foods may lead to high B.P and adverse effect on liver, kidney and heart.
  4. Block in arteries and Cardiac failure : Increased fast food consumption may lead to plaque formation in blood vessels otherwise called Atherosclerosis and even cardiac failure.
  5. Headaches, Migraines : Processed meats contains nitrates and nitrites, MSGs which increases blood flow and slowly leads to high pressure in head leading to head aches or migraine attacks.
  6. Depression : According to study done by University college of London fast foods are devoid of essential nutrients like folate, antioxidants etc which are necessary for mental health. The preservatives, emulsifiers, thickners, stabilisers and flavour enhancing agents detoriate mental wellbeing of a person and may cause depression.
  7. Sexual Dysfunction : Fatty acids in fast food may adversely effect female ovulation, sperm count and libido.
  8. Food Poisoning : Most important Dangers posed by low fiber and high transfat and calorie containing fast food is food poisoning. The processed meats may contain e-coli and salmonella in it. Even after antibiotic therapy the toxins produced by these bacteria may produce ill effects finally leading to chronic renal or kidney failure and even death.

Fast food addiction may lead to unhealthy, depressed and sedentary lifestyle. Switch or turn back to balanced and healthy diet with regular exercise to get a healthy life which is the ultimate key to happiness. Hope this article was beneficial for our readers. Keep reading, stay fit and remain healthy.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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