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Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Herbal Medicines)
“Karuvappattai” (Siddha Medicine)
“Karuvappattai” or bark of Cinnamomum is highly medicinal. Used against GIT and Respiratory ailments”
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Gossypium arboreum (Herbal Medicines)
“Paruthi” (Siddha Medicine)
“A Natural remedy for Rhuematic ailments, Diarrhoea. It helps to improve milk secreation also”
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Ionidium suffruticosum (Herbal Medicines)
“Orithazhthamarai” (Siddha Medicine)
“A Herbal Tonic and an Aphrodisiac. Also used in eye diseases, toxicities etc”
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Clerodendrum infortunatum (Herbal Medicines)
“Siruthekku” (Siddha Medicine)
“A Siddha Herbal remedy for Diarrhoea, Rheumatic complaints, Fever, Skin ailments etc”
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Tragia involucrata (Herbal Medicines)
“Kanchori” (Siddha Medicine)
“A Herbal remedy for Vatham, Pitham and Kapham disorders.”
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Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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