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Kayakalpa or Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation or Kayakalpa in Siddha is based on the Dehakuri or temperment of the patient, Seasonal or Climatic variation, health and age factor of patient and Envagai Thervu or Eight Diagnostic methods (Nadi, Sparsam, Naa, Niram, Mozhi, Vizhi, Malam, Moothiram). Based on these physiological and clinical factors, a Siddha physician decide the type of treatment a patient requires.

Kayakalpam in Siddha is based on Pancha bhootha panchikarnam. Human body is made of 5 elements and 3 humours( Vatham, Pitham and Kapham). These forces or humours are in a balanced ratio in our body say 1:1/2:1/4 as Vatha: Pitha: Kapha. Sometimes due to some pathological reason or seasonal variation this equilibrium or balanced ratio may change and hence diseases may occur.

A Siddha Physician who is well versed in Naadi diagnosis can detect this change and prescribe internal and external medicines accordingly.

Kayakalpa chikitsa or Kaya kalpa treatment :

First and fore most aspect in this treatment is detoxification of cells or cleansing the body and bringing the vitiated humour into normal.
Three types of treatment is used for this :

Virechanam or Purgation

This type of treatment is done usually for patients suffering from vatha noikal or Vatha diseases. Medicines like Agasthiyar kuzhambu, kowsiyar kuzhambu etc are given according to age and body condition of patient with suitable adjuvant. Such medicines are given on the very first day in empty stomach. Food regimen is usually very light and easily digestible. This treatment helps in flushing out the impurities from the body and the body gets ready for kayakalpa or general treatment.

Vamanam or Vomiting Therapy

This type of treatment is done for patients with aggrevated pitha humour. Excess phlegm or mucus in respiratory canal is also eliminated by this. Dose of the medicine is decided according to the disease, age and physical condition of patient. Emetic therapy should be contraindicated or prohibited in patients suffering from hernia, rectal prolapse, post surgical period, some neurological disease, paralysis etc.


Instillation of 1 to 5 drops of medicated oil in each nostril is done to remove excess mucus and toxins from the sinuses and nasal passage particularly in Kapha patients. Different oil is used for different patients according to age, body type and disease. Patients suffering from chronic sinusitis, respiratory ailments and headache are benefited by such treatment.

Kayakalpa Therapy

After the above said line of treatment, Siddha physician decides the next course of treatment.

These are the following treatment types which are usually performed as kaya kalpa therapy. Number of days in each treatment and type of treatment is decided by the doctor after complete physical examination.

External Treatment for Body

Thokkanam : Physical manipulation includes nine types of various massage and Varma techniques. According to patient, varma massage for Head, Spine, Face,full body massage is also done

Vedhu : Herbal stream bath

Lepanam : Medicated paste for joint pain, dry skin, swellings in joints etc

Dhara : Herbal preaprations as liquid poured on forehead or body.

Kizhi : Medicated bundles used for formentation or heat application after general body massage or Thokkanam. Different types of kizhi is used for different patients. Various types of kizhi available are podi kizhi, Ela kizhi, Nyavara kizhi, naranga kizhi, Tavidu kizhi, Mutta kizhi, Mamsa kizhi etc.

Pizhichil : Pouring oil from head to toe from a certain elevation in patients suffering from body pain or vatha ailments

Medicated eye appilcation

Face packs prepared from multani mitti and herbs, Special bath powders for body and scalp.

Kayakalpa Medicines (Internal)

Specially traditionally prepared mookootu, Kayakalpa medicines in form of pills, mathirai, decoctions are administered. These special medicines are called kalpa avizhtham or rasayanam which provides general health, longevity, sexual vigor and immunity.

For Mind and Soul

Dhyanam (Meditation) and Yoga
Counseling and Advises for Stress and Depression

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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