Kayakarpam – Karpa Medicines

Kayakarpam – Karpa Medicines (Kayakalpa Medicines)

Karpa medicine, as discussed earlier ,if taken after purification ,with proper dose and regimen will produce the best result. According  to different Sidddhars, Kalpa medicine and the method of its preparation differs. Various Siddhars laid stress on a particular herb or a preparation.

As per Siddhar, Thirumoolar there are 108 herbs available as karpam. His preparations included Manjal karisalai, Kattrazhai etc .Sivavakkiyar laid stress on preparation related to Karisalai. Ramadevar discussed about Neeli and Theraiyar about Inji . Korakkar is well known due to the plant Ganja which he used therapeutically. The great Saint Agasthiyar discussed about 100 karpa herbs in his various texts. There are still many more Siddhars and their notable drugs.


Pothu karpam is used in promoting health as well as prophalactic medicine. Herbs like Inji, Ponankani, Amukkara, Kalanapoosani, Kattrazhai, Karisalai, Vembu, Vila, Urulaikizhangu, etc comes under Pothu  karpam.

For e.g

Daily prepared

Piper nigrum or milagu

Dose – 5 in numbers.Each day the number should increase in a ratio 5 per day and reach to a maximum of 100.

Use- Best tonic for the body

Already prepared

Tinospora cordifolia or seenthil

Take the stem close to the root,dry it under shadow.Add sugar to it in ratio of 4:1.Mix well.

Dose – 1g twice daily empty stomach.

Use- Increase sperm count, cures all types of fever, and good tonic for the entire body.


These karpam cure diseases and then restores health. It may include herbal( mooligai) , metal or mineral (thathu) , animal origin(jeevam).

A. Herbal or mooligai

For e.g

Already prepared

1.  Fried roots of calotropis gigentia taken and made to powder.

a.  This powder with dried ginger powder given with pure water.

Dose: 65mg

Indication: Vatha disease

b.This powder with long pepper powder given with pure water.

Dose : 65mg

Ind   : Pitha diseases

c. This powder with Piper nigrum powder given with pure water

Dose: 65mg

Ind  : Kapha diseases

2.  Serangottai leghyam

Duration – 40 days

Ind  : All vatha diseases and kapha diseases.

Daily prepared

Keezhanelli or Phyllanthus neruri

Taken and made into paste with cows curd and taken in

Morning for 40 days

Ind  : All megha diseases.

B. Thathu karpam

These medicines nourish the physical constituents, prevent diseases and promote health. Their minimal dose can produce excellent results.

For e.g

1.   Aya sambeera karpam

Use: Pandu , sobai etc.

2.   Aya bringaraja karpam

Use: Gediatric problems, Pandu

3.   Poorna Chandrodayam

Use: All diseases cured , getting aged is prevented.

According to Therairar, it cures sterility, impotency , consolidation of sperms.

C. Jeeva karpam

These comprise of various animal products and their benefits.

For e.g

1.   Cows milk- Best to have at night

2.   Goat’s liver- Required amount taken. They are cut into small pieces. To this sufficient amount of  turmeric, salt and pepper added, mixed well and kept in steam. Then taken and fried with ghee and powdered.

Duration – 40 days.

Use : Increases muscle power

Gives shine to body

Cures nervine disease

3.  Egg of black fowl – These are collected and kept in a pot containing salt as a layer. The eggs are buried in the salt. Again another layer of salt put over the eggs and this is continued alternately. This is then closed by a lid and kept as such for 20 days. After 20 days 1 egg is taken, boiled and consumed.

Dose- 1 egg per day

Use – Increases muscle tone

Improves eye power

Body will get shine.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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