Basics of Aatharas & Kundalini Awakening

Details about 6 Aatharam

Aatharam is defined as psychophysical centers or chakrams in the body through which the kundalini or the serpent power passes and reaches the Sahasradharam where the sacred Ambrossia or the Amritham is secreted.  The jeevatma unites with the Paramatma and the ultimate aim / goal of life i.e. absolute salvation  is attained.

The concept of Aatharam is difficult for anyone to understand because it is not a common thing but a very spiritual aspect. The Siddha yogis or a person practicing Attanga yogam or Pranayamam  for a long time can be successful in the enlightment of Six Aatharams.

The Aadharams are six in number. They lie longitudinally in six areas. The Kundalini or the serpent power passes through each aatharam during the practice of yoga. During each stage of yoga , the kundalini reaches a particular aatharam and slowly arises finally reaching Sahasratharam.

Details about 6 Aatharam

  1. Moolatharam : The first Aatharam is called Moolatharam which lies between genital and anal orifice. It is compared to a red lotus with four petals and letter ” Om” is embedded in its centre.(Lord Ganapathy and Vallabhai are the governing or protective force of this Aatharam. The kundalini is always found in a dormant condition in Moolatharam. The regular practice of attanga yoga arises the kundalini from Moolatharam).
  2. Swatistanam: This is the next aatharam located two fingers above Moolatharam that is between genital and navel region. It is symbolized as a lotus with six petals in which “Na” letter is inscribed in centre relating to Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati.
  3. Manipooragam : This is the next aatharam located 8 fingers above Swatistanam that is  at navel region.It is symbolized as lotus of ten petals inscribed with letter “Ma” in centre and governed by Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi.
  4. Anagatham : It lies ten fingers above Manipooragam that is at location of heart. It is symbolized  as lotus with twelve petals with letter “Si” inscribed in centre. The Dieties Lord Ruthran and Parvathy govern this Aathram.
  5. Visuthi : It is situated ten fingers above Anagatham and located in throat . It is denoted as lotus with  sixteen petals with letter “Va” inscribed in it . The governing deities are Lord Maheshwaran and Maheshwaran .
  6. Aakinai : It is between lies eyebrow as a lotus with three petals. In centre letter “Ya” is inscribed and governing forces are Sadasivan and Goddess Manonmani..

The Kundalini during awakening passes through each Aathram with the enlightment of each aatharam and the respective letter which is inscribed in it. Finally Om Na Ma Si Va Ya is awakened with the kundalini reaching the Sahasratharam(vertex) and the ambrosia or secret nectar is secreted. Thus kundalini awakening enables the person to perceive higher cosmic movements in universe, he is not a normal person as his soul gets united with the Parmatma.

The practice of awakening of kundalini should always be practiced in presence of Guru. This is because during the passing of kundalini from one level to another produces many changes inside the body of the person practicing it and it also produces many symptoms. Thus an experienced Guru can guide to achieve the ultimate goal of life. Hence, the grace and guidance of Guru is necessary.

Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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