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10 basic tips which may benefit the newborn


Every parent wish is to take the best care of their little one right from their birth. A new parent has lots of concern as a new parent and they wish to nurture the newborn in the best way they can.

We have written 10 basic tips which may benefit the newborn, check them out :

  1. The room of a newborn should be provided with good sunlight and fresh air in morning hours and very little light or no light at night for a good night sleep.. It should be ensured that windows in a baby’s room should be closed by evening to avoid mosquitoes and other insects
  2. During the first six months the baby must be exclusively breast fed. After six months other foods like vegetable puree, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed bananas, multi grain mix etc can be given along with breast milk. These foods are much healthier than market milk formula and instant baby foods.
  3. In first three months avoid using diapers. If used, make sure they are of correct sizes and replaced at proper timings.
  4. Use a wet gauze to wipe down your baby’s gums and tongue. And start using a toothbrush when the baby turns 1.
  5. Cotton clothes, washed and dried in the sun is the best for babies skin. Make sure the clothes are removed immediately after soiling. The bottom of baby should be always clean and dry.
  6. Soiled clothes should not be stored or kept in baby’s room. The room should be always kept clean and dry. Else there are chances of cold and other infections.
  7. Bath the baby with sponge bath till the umbilical cord falls off. Sponge bath means gently patting the baby’s skin with clean wet sponge cloth. Then pat dry and apply little moisturiser.
  8. Daily massage before bath improves blood circulation and provides better sleep. Avoid using perfumed market oils. Use pure coconut or sesame oil which is best for baby’s skin. Avoid perfumed soaps and other baby products.
  9. Burping your child after meal is very important. It prevents intestinal gas and abdominal discomfort. Also burping ensures proper digestion.
  10. Wash your hands before handling your baby. Your baby’s immune system can be very weak as their system is still not fully developed. Due to a developing immune system they are susceptible to all types of infections. To keep your baby infection free and healthy, make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly.

Hope the tips are helpful. Happy parenting!

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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