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Siddha science is unique in all aspects because not only medicines but the methods to prevent the onset of diseases are also mentioned. The methods to prevent the onset of the diseases are beautifully expressed in the form of peoms or versus by our Siddhars. These rules or methods are not very complicated or confusing and does not require any expense or tough means. Just a little care in our day to day life is more than enough.

Our life style and standard is not like before. In old days, the living standard of people were different than today. They used to follow a common and disciplined routine from the very beginning of the day to the time when they retire to bed. But today, with time people are getting so much stressed, especially the youth who are constantly pressurized by the surroundings so as to compete for every thing – In school, college, work place and every step of their life. This is just to maintain their status of living and keep up their name and fame in the society.

Though getting more and more educated but people are becoming very careless about their health and schedule or routine. This makes them prone to the life style diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholestrolemia, Obesity, Cardiac disorders etc. Though one is working day and night but their entire working schedule is confined to a chair or seat facing the monitor of Computers. This creates a tense atmosphere of stress and pressure around.

In order to live a healthy life, Siddha science lays some measures which can not only make us healthy by body but also our mind and soul gets rejuvenated.

 “Early to Bed and Early to Rise”

This will keep our mind and body fresh thorughout the day. We can avoid obesity and lazziness by following this routine regularly. Diseases like Hypertension, Hypercholestrolemia, Obesity will be minimal in persons who follow this routine.

A bit of exercise or Yoga or Pranayama (Breathing exercise) will make our body fit to start the day. Whatever be our work whether sedentary or hard labour, a half an hour of exercise daily can modify our body according to the work we do. This will nourish the heart and blood will sufficiently reach to all parts of the body.

“Kaalai kulikkil kadum pasi noiyum pom”
Siddhars stressed in taking bath early morning. By this, one can overcome excessive hunger, sweat and anger. The body will remain fresh throughout the day. A pleasant feeling will surround and stress will be reduced.

 Food habits – Food as Medicine

One should eat healthy meals. Lots of green vegetables should be included in the diet. According to Siddha it is said that half of the stomach should be filled with food, 1/4th with water and 1/4th should be empty. This will prevent obesity to occur. Proper digestion will be enhanced.

One should eat healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet of six tastes (sweet, salt, bitter, pungent, sour and astringent) should be taken. Certain foods which when mixed with the other may become a poison. For eg: taking milk and fish together should be avoided as it is toxic. Also certain substances are taken to nullify the harmful effects of a particular food stuff Eg: Ground nut should be always taken with jaggery.

The subtances like Pepper, Turmeric, Cumin seeds, Asafoetida, Dried ginger, Cardomom, Garlic should be used in abundance in our food so as to keep the three humours (Vatham, Pitham and Kapham) balanced. These food substances are highly medicinal. It is now found that taking of garlic regularly keeps the Cholesterol into check, Turmeric is said to be Anti-cancer drug, Pepper as a Blood purifier etc.

Food should be taken according to ones age, health, diseased condition, season etc. Green vegetables, cereals, pulses should be taken. Curd should be replaced with Butter milk. People suffering from obesity, cholesterol, piles, hypertension etc should avoid intake of excessive non vegetarian food. They should avoid especially the meat like beef, pork etc.

“Marunthu ena vedavam yakkaikku arunthiyathu

Attrathu pottri unnin”

As well explained in Thirukkural,
Medicine can be avoided or not needed if food is consumed only after complete digestion of previously consumed food.

“Unpathiru pozhuthozhiya moontru pozhuthu unnom”
One should eat only three times a day to remain healthy.

“Attral alavirunthu unka athu udambu

Pettra nedi thuyikku maru”
The food should be taken according to ones digestive fire. One should not consume stomach full of food. Taking food in right quantity leads to longevity of life.

 Drink about 8 to 10 glasses of waterdaily. By doing this we can avoid constipation, abdominal discomfort and remain healthy. The waste from the body will be effectively removed. It is adviced to take luke warm water early morning, empty stomach. This will help to keep Vatha, Pitha and Kapha in equilibrium

A glass of water is adviced to be taken just before food. This will regulate the amount of food taken. Hence, it is also beneficial to all those who are getting obese due to their increased appetite. They can control the amount of food by this.

Siddha School of Medicine employs the technique to bring the vitiated humour into normal and remove the waste from body. Hence, Purgation should be done once in 4 months, Vamanam or vomiting therapy once in 6 months, Nasiyam once in 45 days. This will detoxify the various organs and nourish the body.

Oil bath should be taken twice a week properly. This helps to energise and clear the sense organs, promote hair growth, provides coolness to the body and prevents rheumatic problems.

Oral hygeine should be maintained well. One should brush the teeth twice a day for good oral care. If the problems in teeth or oral cavity persits, it may lead to diseases of eyes, nose and ear also.

“Aalum velum pallukuruthi” which means twigs of Ficus bengalensis and Acacia arabica makes the teeth strong. Hence Siddhars stressed on brushing the teeth with the twigs of these trees. Tamil Siddha Literatures also mention the use of twigs of Azadiracta indica, Mangifera indica, Saraca indica, Terminalia arjuna etc. The saints used these twigs for brushing the teeth. For spongy gums and stomatitis one can clean the teeth and gargle with Triphala powder.

Method of sleeping

One should lie in the left lateral position keeping the left hand supporting the head, the left knee should be flexed and right leg extended over it. It is the most ancient and suitable technique to sleep as mentioned by Siddhars. Today it is well understood that since the heart is tilted slightly to the left side, a healthy blood flow occurs by sleeping like this. Also it is adviced to sleep in head facing the Eastern direction. One should avoid sleeping during the day as it can cause problems like obesity and arthritis. For a healthy man of 16 to 50 years, 7 hours of sleep is essential and enough. Accordingly one has to get up early so as to keep the three humours in equilibrium. If one doesn’t sleep properly means Hypertension, Emaciation, Fainting, Abdominal disorders and Mental confusion may occur. Similarly excessive sleep can lead to Obesity, Fever, Head ache, Ill health and decrease in life span.

The fourteen natural urges – Flatus, Micturation, Defecation, Hunger, Thirst, Sneezing, Cough, Vomit, Yawning, Tears, Sleep, Semen, Breathing, and Belching should not be suppressed. Else ill effects or bad health results.
Conclusion :

These disciplined rules were said by our Siddhars thousands of years ago for the well being of human race. This is the reason Siddha is not only considered as a Medical system but it is a “Way Of Life” which should be followed in our lives so as to live healthy.

If these rules or methods are followed properly then we can prevent the Life Style diseases. Simple measures can bring great changes in our Life. Today people are though rich and wealthy but cant take the food of their choice, this is the most biggest stress of a person. If people in their life follow the said things and also implement the same to the progeny, then we can say good bye to the medicines to a great extent. And thus we can lead a life which is healthy, wealthy and wise as it is well said that

“If wealth is lost, some thing is lost but if health is lost everything is lost.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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