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Sinusitis or Peenism – Siddha Treatment

Natural Treatment for Sinusitis

This disease is one of the most common disease seen today. It is otherwise known as Mookadaippu or Neerkovai as per Siddham. This disease is characterized by reddening of nasal mucosa, rhinitis, headache, and intermittent expulsion of mucous, purulent or bloody sputum.

The patient complaints of burning sensation and itching with reddening of nasal mucosa, eyes reddens and usually waters, irritation of ears with obstruction occurs, severe headache with dyspnoea and rhinitis present.

The reason of this disease is intake of cold water, exposure to cold climate, inhalation of smoke or other harmful or offensive gases or dust, insomnia, vocal abuse or speaking in a loud voice, using contaminated water for bath, suppression of 14 natural urges( particularly vomiting and tears), insomnia, any activity like improper practice of yoga which increases body heat is also a triggering factor to cause this disease

If primary cause of disease is taken into account, then azhal humour is the main cause for this disease. This is the reason why inflammation of nasal mucosa , para nasal sinuses and adjacent areas occurs. At this point or junction, a sharp increase in iyam occurs which accelerates the condition with increase in mucus and other secretions in the tract. This hinders the normal drainage of fluid and as a result stagnation occurs. The uthanan which controls the upward movement of air gets deranged. The deranged uthanavayu along with the deranged azhal humour reaches the head where it increases the pressure and causes the discharge of mucus , pus, and nose and causes the reddening of nasal mucosa with tenderness and pain and thus this disease occurs.

Line of treatment

The patient becomes restless and irritated due to the continuous rhinitis, pain in and around the sinuses and other symptoms. Hence the patient is made to take sufficient rest.

External therapies are really helpful in this condition and gives a remarkable relief. Nasal powders, Steam inhalation and Nasiyam , Fumigation, Herbal pastes, Oil application are useful.

External Treatment

Nasal podi or powders

Illuppai ver podi, chundai ver podi, palai ver podi, pugai ilai podi or erimuttai podi. Any one of these can be used as nasal podi.

Steam inhalation

  • Lemon leaves boiled in water is used for inhalation
  • Thumbai samoolam
  • Carom seeds(Ajwain/omam) with camphor
  • Tulsi leaves with turmeric powder
  • Notchi leaves or Vitex Negundo leaves


  1. To 100 parts of chukku or dried ginger, one part of camphor is mixed, this mixture is placed over a piece of cloth. This cloth is rolled as stick, and it is burnt. The smoke coming from this wick is allowed to be inhaled by the patient.
  2. Similarly thippli, milagu, omam, manjal are made into paste, applied in a cloth, wicks prepared and smoke inhale. This is very effective for pus and watery discharge from nose.
  3. Equal amount of vediuppu, manjal,milagu is made to paste and used for fumigation.


Thumbai poo nasiyam
Peenisa thailam
Nasiroganasa thailam
Siddhakayathirumeni thailam
Chukku thailam
Are used for nasiyam.


Neerkovai mathirai mixed with breast milk or hot water and applied on forehead.

Head bath

Peenisa thailam, Nasiroganasa thailam, Siddhakayathirumeni ennai, Chukku thailam, Milagu thailam are effective remedies.

Internal medicine

Internal Medicines are given to relieve the inflammation and infection of sinuses. Anti-allergic drugs or anti histamine drugs are administered. Internal medicines in Siddha has no side effects and are very effective too.

Some of the medicines given are shared below:

  1. Vasanthakusumakaram mathirai with thumbai and thulasi charu
  2. Thrikadagu choornam, palakarai parpam, muthuchipi parpam etc
  3. Kasturi karuppu
  4. For bloody discharge and purulent discharge,medicines like masikkai choornam, Elavampisin choornam, kombarakku choornam, imbooral choornam, padikara parpam can be used.
  5. This disease may be caused due to megha disease also.For such condition , Rasam and ghendaga preparations are used. Gowrichinthamani chendooram, Chandamarutha chendooram are also useful.

Please note: All these medicines are given for knowledge purpose only. Kindly seek the consultation of Siddha Physician for proper treatment.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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  1. Everyday morning I had Thummal, Running nose. Even, in dust area, I had the same. I tried english medicines. But not last longer for 1 months. I need Siddha medicine to stop this forever. Please help me.

  2. Iam having sinusitis problem many year . Past 1 year it’s very severe . Kindly guide me

  3. Thanks for your wonderful video, Doctor.
    I have a health doubt. My friend is taking care of his 89 years old mother. Sometimes she gets dandruff in her head (when frequently his relatives visit and stay with them for a few days). Besides, they reside in a highly polluted area in Chennai with a lot of vehiclar traffic.
    To keep the head and body clean my friend gives head bath also daily to his mother.
    2. My friend gives the following medicines already daily:
    Before breakfast:
    Giloy gan vati 1 tablet
    Divya Swasari death
    Divya mulethi kwath
    A pinch of a mixture containing following herbs/medicines:
    Sitopaladi churna 20 gm
    Trikatu churna 30 gm
    Divya Swasari Ras 20 gm
    Abhrak bhasma 10 gm
    Pravala pishti 10 gm
    Giloy sat 10 gm
    Swarna basant malti ras 1 gm
    Baheda churna 20 gm
    Godant bhasma 10 gm
    After breakfast:
    Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) sherbet 4 teaspoons in a glass of water).
    Will these medicines prevent any problem if the attendant woman doesn’t dry his mother’s head properly after bath? Kindly let me know. Best regards.

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