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Health Benefits of Kitchen Wonders – Kitchen Spices

Home Remedies using kitchen herbs

Today even for a most simple health issue like fever, diarrhoea, indigestion or cough etc people depend medicines even without the prescription or consultation of a doctor. Repeated dose of these medicines or self medication can lead to long term damage to both physical and mental health. Taking medicines uselessly makes one ressistant to most of the drugs and also manifest as various side effects. Team Siddham insists and requests all our readers to maintain their own kitchen herbal store to tackle less serious and day to day health issues or diseases. Through this, one can avoid huge medicine bills and also improve their confidence over herbs and herbal medicines. Beleive it or not Kitchen spices which we use daily to garnish our dishes, parathas and bevarages are of great medicinal value. These Kitchen wonders not only add taste but also provides various health benefits.

Here are a few health remedies through Kitchen herbs

Turmeric (Haldi/ Manjal)

According to latest research, Turmeric is rich in antioxidants. Regular consumption helps to fight diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s , joint inflammation, respiratory diseases etc. It is an excellent liver tonic and even helps to heal the hepato- cellular damage caused due to alcohol and drugs. A pinch of turmeric in hot milk helps to heal wounds and treat cough and cold. Turmeric is an excellent blood purifier. In skin ailments like eczema, itching, unknown toxic bites, paste of turmeric with neem leaves is very effective. In Siddha, regular consumption of turmeric cures the diseases caused due to derrangement of three humours( vatha, Pitha and kapha).

Cumin seeds (Jeera/ Jeerakam)

Jeerakam is a very good appetizer. It reduces excessive body heat and specially used to treat Pitha diseases. Used in Curries, soups and snacks. Cumin seeds or jeera helps to boost the immune system and a very good source of Iron. It treats indigestion, nausea. Water boiled with jeera or cumin seeds is very beneficial for patients suffering from Hypertension and Pitha ailments. Siddha medicines used in treating digestive complaints, Vatha and Pitha ailments contains jeerakam as one of the major ingredients. Example: Ashtavarga choornam, Panchadeepakini choornam etc.

Asafoetida (Heeng)

An aromatic flavouring agent used especially in South Indian curries and one of the most medicinal one too. Very helpful in indigestion and dyspepsia. Used in various Siddha Medicines given for infertility and menstural irregularities, Asthma, Kapha rogam. This spice has a pungent taste and used in very little amount in dishes. Excess of this powder can cause nausea.

Coriander (Malli/ Dhaniya)

A good digestive, anti pitha agent and very good for kidney ailments. Regular consumption of powdered coriander seeds improve digestion and cures digestive ailments and increased pitham or internal heat. Water boiled with few seeds can be consumed during painful menstural cramps. Siddha medicine known as malli chhornam is good for Renal stones( Kalladaippu), Indigestion, Pitha disorders and visual disorders. Water boiled in fistful of Coriander leaves is excelent for Kidneys. It flushes out all impurities and acts as natural dialysis.

Pepper (Milagu/ Kurumilagu)

It is a very good Appetizer, digestive, Carminative, Anti- Vatha, Blood Purifier and Expectorant. About half teaspoon with honey is very good for treating cough and cold. Used in curries, soups and Rasam, this spice acts as a very good digestive and helps in respiratory ailments too. This is used in majority of Siddha drugs as it is very important medicinally. Thrikadugu choornam, Thaleesathi choornam, Amukkara choornam are some examples. Used in treatment of Vatha ailments too. Instead of chilly powder this spice should be used in the diet as a must. Unlike Red chilly, this spice is healthy and safe for our body and provides benefit to all systems of our body.

Fenugreek (Uluva/ Venthayam/ Methi)

The seeds are used in dishes as well as Siddha medicines. The powder of seeds(1/2 teaspoon) can be given empty stomach with warm water to diabetics. Daily intake of fenugreek powder(once or twice) is very helpful in Glucose control. A pinch of fenugreek powder with buttermilk is good home remedy for diarrhoea and Gastritis. Fried and powdered seeds can be soaked in water and taken for gas trouble, diarrhoea and fever. When few seeds cooked with gruel and given helps to improve milk secretion in lactating mothers. It is also given is adequate amount to delivered mothers for lochia expulsion. It neutralizes excess body heat. It should be fried and then consumed for better results.

Cardamom (Elam/ Elaichi)

An aromatic and sweet tasting spice helpful in treating digestive ailments. Few seeds( 1-2) can be taken daily for indigestion. Used in various Siddha medicines to treat gastro-intestinal, respiratory and Vatha problems. Example: Eladi choornam, Amukkura choornam etc. It should used as a must in preparation of Sweets and Non vegetarian foods to provide easy digestion.

Clove (Grambu/ Kirambu/ Laung)

The powdered clove( 1/2 to 1 gm) can be taken twice a day with honey to treat indigestion and cough. 1 or 2 cloves can be pressed between the affected teeth for tooth ache. Chewing 1 or two clove daily is very good for digestion. It deodorizes the oral cavity and soothes itchy throat. It also improves appetite. This drug is also used in various Siddha medicines.

Commonly known medicinal value seen for all kitchen herbs is the property of Digestion. These are just a few, there are such numerous home remedies through kitchen herbs which can benefit us from diseases affecting our day to day life. If we start using these herbs as medicine right from today, we will be benefited throughout our life as our progeny would follow the same pattern of lifestyle. Otherwise taking long list of medicines even for a simple head ache would become a trend in coming years. We wish our readers would definetely be encouraged by such an article and would develop their own kitchen herbal store – Natural Treatment and Healthy life.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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