Siddha – Oldest system of Medicine

Siddha medicine - most ancient of all medical systems

Siddha system is the most ancient of all medical systems. The origination of this civilization dates back to 12000 years before christ. Tamil language is said to be the most ancient language as per the research work done in manuscripts. The other south-indian languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada are derived from Tamil language only. The Tamil Nadu which existed several millions of years ago was a vast continent called Lemuria or Kumari kandam. The History reveals that this vast land was eroded and submerged into the sea 15000 years ago. As a result the Tamil Nadu which exist today is only a part of that huge continent. According to the books like “History of creation” and “Pre degree of man” written by Hackal, the submerged Tamil Land was the the first place occupied by mankind who were well civilized. Tamil Nadu is considered as the home of Siddhars from where this premordial civilization and medical system evolved. This system was pre-vedic and pre-aryan. It is only between 1200B.C and 700B.C. when Aryan invaded India and origination of Sanskrit and other north indian languages occured.

The excavations done in Harappa and Mohenjo-daro also reveals the existence of a civilization and medical system. The excavatory findings consisted of some siddha medicines and idols of Lord Natarajan which was worshipped as per Saiva Siddhantam which is a part of this ancient civilization. Also some vessels which were found from these places are said to be the ancient apparatus used to prepare Siddha drugs.

Hence, Siddha system or “Siddham” is the way of life which is the most ancient of all medical systems.

Years passed and this system got confined in the present Tamil Nadu, in hands of small groups of Traditional vaidhyars or practitioners. They treated the Royal kings and even provided kayakarpa treatment. Some traditional practitioners are teaching this science to their children but they have kept it confined within their families only. The secrets of preparing medicines, mode of treatment and the precious books as well as the Siddha literatures have been kept hidden by them. Even today these missing links or hidden secrets are said to be preserved in such families where this traditional system is practiced. They can’t be blamed completely for supressing these secrets. This is because of their fear of disclosing these secrets that may get misused or it may reach in the wrong hands. Hence, this medical system never flourished.
But this science was converted into a new form in Sanskrit by the Aryans and named Ayurveda. With independence, the other medical systems extended to each nuke and corner of the country.

At the same time government of Tamil Nadu started Siddha colleges. But the demerit was that all these were in Tamil medium. Recently government of kerala took initiative to establish an English medium Siddha college. Four batches have already successfully passed out.

However, now the merits and the advantages of Siddha medical system is flourishing and awareness of Siddha is progressing.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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