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Treatment of various ailments through Varmam Kalai or Marma Treatment

Varmam Kalai the ancient practice to treat patients for various ailments by activating the vital points in the body is gaining ground in its mother land Tamil Nadu. This time around it is not only Siddha practitioners who seem keen on learning the therapy, but allopathic doctors too are open to practicing it along with their standard treatment procedures. In the recently concluded first international conference on medical varmalogy organised by Arts Research Institute (ARI) in Coimbatore, more than 200 medical practitioners, most of them allopathy doctors, participated in it. “Doctors have not suddenly developed interest in Varmam Kalai. It has taken several years of research to make them believe that varmalogy can successfully coexist with allopathic treatment,” said Suresh Manoharan, secretary, ARI. The word ‘varmam’ denotes energy flow in the body, also known as life energy. The points where this energy resides in the body are identified as varmam points. The basic objective of the varmam system of medicine is to stimulate these points using palms, fingers, etc., to cure diseases, he explained. “The doctors who researched and practiced the art were able to successfully treat 27 diseases including arthritis, chronic renal failure, bleeding disorders, facial palsy, diabetes and asthma. Where allopathy treatment has failed, like in the treatment of autism, varmalogy theraphy has helped, he added. Siddha practitioners have also shown keen interest as medical varmalogy is included in their scope of study. So far, 2000 of them have learned the art. Meanwhile, 250 ayurveda doctors have been trained in the art. Suresh said that nearly 3000 patients receive varmam treatment each month at the institute. “The power of varmalogy is such that a single varmam point can be utilized to treat as many as 42 diseases. Explaining how varmalogy works he said the disease or the problem occurs when an organ or a point loses its energy or has excess. By stimulating these energies those areas or organs can again be activated or revitalized. The advantage of varmam kalai is it works well in conjunction with other systems of medicine, like allopathy, homeopathy, siddha and ayurveda and is a holistic system for disease prevention. Besides it promotes effective life-style management”, he said. Shiny Richard, a resident of Nilgiris, whose 15-year-old child Sneha Merlin was suffering from thyroid and autoimmune disorder, has seen a remarkable change in the past one year after she underwent Varmalogy therapy. “Initially, my daughter had fever and it failed to subside despite several doses of medication. The overdose of medicines and steroids made her very uncomfortable. However, once she started varma therapy she does not require any medication and her dosage of steroids too has been reduced,” Shiny said. “They have been stimulating points on my neck, thyroid gland, knee, ribcage, head, elbows and foot. I am feeling much better now,” said Sneha.

Source : The Times Of India

Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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