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World Cancer Day 2013 – Super foods to fight Cancer

Anti-cancer Super Foods

World Cancer Day is an intiative under which the entire world unite and fight against Cancer, a global epidemic. 4th February every year is observed as World Cancer Day 2013 aiming to save millions of preventable deaths each year by raising education about cancer and pressing Goverment and individual across the world to take initiative against the disease. Every year nearly 8 million people die due to cancer. Just like Heart disease cancer is considered as one of those evils that most people dont really think about until it is too late. If we follow certain discipline regarding food and life style we can keep cancer at bay. If diagnosed earlier cancer can be treated from the root and the person can be saved. As a part of this initiative and cause we are listing down few foods below which are Anti-cancer and may help you to select the right grocery list next time.

Anti-cancer Super Foods :

  1. Turmeric : This spice is used extensively in cooking especially in Asian dishes. Curcumin a phytochemical present in Turmeric posses Anti-cancer properties especially Gastric & Colon Cancer. Curcumin has the power to reduce number and size of tumours and decline the chances to new tumour formation. Regular use of turmeric can also reduce the risk of development of childhood lukemia according to recent research.
  2. Cruciferous vegetables : Cruciferous family of vegetables like broccolli, cabbage, cauliflower etc contain compound like Glucosinolates and enzyme Myrosinase in a different areas of the cell. During chopping or blending the above said compounds starts reacting and produces Isothiocyanates (ITC’s) – a powerful Anti- cancer compounds which can kill cancer cells and prevent its proliferation.
  3. Legumes : Researchers have found Ani-cancer effect from phytic acid, a compound found in legumes and from butyrates, a short term fatty acid produced in lumen of colon as a result of legume consumption like kidney bean, chick peas, lentils, Legume provide powerful nutrition as well as Anti Cancer effects that could dramatically slash Cancer risk.
  4. Garlic : Researchers beleive that there are many factors in garlic’s in fighting and preventing Cancer. One of the compounds termed as Allyl sulfur can slow down damage of cancer cells, progress of Cancer growth and inhibit carcinogenic substances. Scientist recommend to wait for 15 minutes after peeling garlic before cooking. This is because peeled garlic if immediately cooked eliminates Anti- Cancer properties.
  5. Lemon : According to Indian Institute of Health Sciences, lemon is 10000 times stronger than Chemotherapy. Lemon acts as all types of cancer, tumour and cysts. Lemon can destroy all types of cancer, malignant cells.
  6. Berries : They are high in Anti-oxidants and excellent source of phytochemical to block cancer cells. Handful of berries may be good to start a day as it is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C and also possess Anti-cancer properties.
  7. Oily Fish like Tuna : One of Super foods which fight against cancer is Oily fishes like Salmon, Tuna etc as they contain abundant nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D etc which helps in resisting all kinds of tumours and cancers. They also contain Mega Healthy compounds like Omega 3 fatty acids which protect and fight against cancer.
  8. Nuts like Almonds : Nuts like Almonds, Cashew Wallnuts etc are rich in Healthy fats. Magnesium, Follic acid and Anti-oxidant compounds that supress the growth of cancer healthy for Brain and Heart. Nuts also provide healthy life insurance against cancer.
  9. Grapes : Purple grape contain a chemical called Resveratrol a power Anti-oxidant which prevent cell damage and block cancer cells.
  10. Tomatoes : Lycopene in Tomatoes is a powerful compound which prevent cellular damage and reduce the risk of breast, prostrate, pancreas and colo-rectal cancers.
  11. Carrots : Rich in Carotenoids which is powerful Anti-oxidant and reduce the risk of cancer.
  12. Dark Green Vegetables : They are also rich in Carotenoids and possess Anti-cancer properties.
  13. Red Onions : Rich in Quercetin, a bio flavanoid which is a powerful Anti-oxidant, and has Anti-histamin properties which reduces precancerous cell growth. Other sources of Quercetin are Apples & Spinach.
  14. Whole Grain : Rich in Fibre protects against colo-rectal cancers.

Hope the above informations be useful and help the readers to make right food of choices for them. So begin your Anti-cancer diet today itself.
Keep fit & Stay Healthy.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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