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Nayuruvi – Herbal Cure for Bleeding piles

Plant name : Nayuruvi
“It cures mainly all types of Vatha and Kapha diseases”

Botanical name : Achyranthes aspera
Family : Amaranthaceae
Actions : Diuretic, Astringent, Anti-vatha, Anti-kapha.

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. The decoction prepared from the samoolam of this plant is given for inflammatory condition of the body. It is also a potent diuretic.
  2. The decoction of the roots is helpful to cure abdominal disorders.
  3. The dried powder of the leaves in the dose of 2 to 5 grams is given with honey for diarrhoea.
  4. The dried powder of the roots along with equal amount of Trikadugu choornam is given for cough.
  5. Leaf juice is a helpful remedy given for skin diseases like Prutitis, Scabies etc.
  6. The paste of leaves is applied externally for toxic bites.
  7. Nayuruvi chambal or ash is a good remedy for bleeding piles and abdominal problems.

Note: Siddha treatment is based on complete physical examination of the patient, Naadi diagnosis, and other diagnostic criteria of the disease. The content given in this article is purely meant for information and education purpose only. Kindly consult a Siddha physician before any sort of self medication.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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