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Psoriasis – Causes, Siddha Treatment

Natural way to cure Psoriasis

One of the skin infections, also known as Psoriasis. It is the common skin infection mostly affects the people age group of 5 to 25 years. The most peculiar thing about this disease is its cure as it is not so easy to get a complete recovery and also its reoccurrence is common. Females are more commonly affected.

The cause of this disease is unknown. As per Siddha, some times hereditary reasons is one of the causes. Other causes include depression or stress, seasonal variations, menstrual disorders, allergy, drugs or medicines which may aggravate the azhal humour. Its also believed that some reasons like impurities of soul also may cause it. Hence soul should be treated along with the body and mind.

The lesion is erythmatous with silvery scales layer upon layer. The scales may be powdery and while itching produce pin point bleeding. It usually starts as discoid shaped erythmatous lesion in scalp first and later spreads to extensor aspect of the body. It may also occur in palmar and plantar aspect but characterized by less scales and more marked itching. On removal of old scales, fresh scales are seen underneath the previous ones. This is also one of the features of this disease. The disease may affect the nails also producing pitting and painful separation of nail from nail bed. The person usually becomes and shy and conscious about his or her appearance. This stress may again becomes an aggrevating factor and may worsen the condition.

The complication of this disease is if this disease is untreated, may lead to joint affection or vatham disease causing the destruction of bones, diminishing joint space and deformity.

Siddha Medicine & Treatment :

Siddha medicine lays out the most effective treatment as it heals the 3 :-  mind, body and soul.

Treatment for the physical body

External application

The affected area should be cleaned well with hot water and then scales are removed. After this external medicines are applied


Nanguneri ennai

According to Agasthiyar paripooranam 400, this oil is accumulated and collected in a well in temple of Anantha sayanar at Nanguneri Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. The materials for abhishekam (holywash) contains sambrani (Benzoin) Paneer (rose water), sandanam (sandalwood paste), Ilaneer (tender coconut water) Gingely oil and other holy things pass through different channels and accumulate in this protected well from the time of construction of this temple. Hence the patient suffering from chronic skin infection are found to be benefited by the application of this oil obtained from this temple.

The oil is externally applied in infected area twice daily and washed with green gram powder after 2 hours. It is even benefited for Kuttam (leprosy) also.

Vetpalai thylam (Oil)

Vetpalai or Wrightia tinctoria belongs to apocianeacea family with white fragrant flowers. The leaves are a source of a blue dye hence called Mysore Pala indigo. This thylam is prepared from leaves of this plant. The leaves and coconut oil are taken in same amount. The leaves are made to small piece and put in a wide mouthed vessel preferably a large plate. Then coconut oil is put and the leaves are soaked in it and sooryapudam is done. After this the leaves are removed and oil is collected. This oil can be taken internally also.

Dose : 1 spoon morning and evening

Treatment for Mind

The exercise methods of Ashtanga yoga helps in purity and treatment of mind.

Pranayama” or breathing exercise purifies the 72000 nadi channels and reduces the stress also.  Also counseling and spiritual approach to the patient helps to provide the mental and emotional strength. Family support also plays an important role in it.

Treatment for Soul

The physician, well wishers and the patient should pay the almighty so as to purify the soul and remove the negative vibrations or negative energy within the soul.

Prayers, offerings in the religious place along with good deeds and meditation may cleanse the soul.

Hence Siddha medicine not only cures the disease but increases the lifespan also by the purification of the mind, body and soul.

Management through modern medicine and its limitations

If we study the modern aspect of treatment of psoriasis, we can find that use of tropical steroids, coal tar therapy, Anthralin therapy, PUVA therapy etc. In any of these cases, a complete treatment or cure is not seen, and all these treatment aspect as got limitation and draw backs also. The first  method  i.e  use  of tropical steroids as said by allopathic physicians are easy to apply with lack of irritancy. However in the other side epidermal staining, petechiae, striae and increase incident of bacterial and fungal infection becomes a limiting  factor.

Coal tar : This therapy causes the increased incidence of skin cancer as it requires exposure to U V rays. It also causes allergic and irritant dermatitis.

Anthralin therapy : This cause irritant reactions in body. Also it is not advised to be used in head, neck, flexures and genitals.

PUVA therapy : It is said to the most common and mainstay therapy for Psoriasis. It is the use of oral methoxypsoralin followed by exposure of Ultraviolet  A radiation. This therapy causes a suppressive affect in T lymphocyte which is one of the defensive mechanism of the body. It also causes nausea, vomiting, hepatotoxicity, intense itching and may cause carcinoma. Pregnant woman, patients of Renal, Hepatic and Cardiovascular disease and children are strictly contraindicated to use this technique.

Hence, it is better to opt for a treatment which is not only safe but long term  “Siddha Treatment”.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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