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Ways to detox the body

Six ways we must adopt for detox our body at home

To many, the word detox is just one of today’s most talked topics. For few detoxing is a form of starvation. We live in a world filled with artificial things. From the food we eat to the products we use in our daily lives for hygiene and personal use, everything has a hint of chemical. All of these foreign things which accumulate tax our body’s assets and interfere with optimum health. The purpose of a detox is to clean the body from these foreign substances along with accumulated toxins in order to promote healthy body functions and immunity.

Given below are Six ways we must adopt for detox our body at home. All the six are equally important. Check them out : 

  1. Drink Warm water empty stomach : One of the most ancient techniques and the best way to start a day. Most people kick start their routine with a cup of milk/coffee or tea, but this habit is very unhealthy known to very few. One must always start their day,( even before brushing their teeth) with two glasses of warm water. Water intake up to one litre is considered best. Nothing should be consumed for one hour after drinking morning water dose. It aids digestion, prevents premature ageing, detoxifies the body by reducing the metabolic waste. Adding lemon and honey to warm water it is also effective way. One should make sure to drink at least three litres of water in a day which aids cleansing of liver and kidneys.
  2. Fruit at right time : Fruits are ideal sources of nutrients and perfectly detoxifies if taken the right way. Most people have fruits after a meal as a desert but doing it actually hinders digestion and it does not get absorbed properly in the body causing gas trouble and indigestion. Best way to eat fruit is empty stomach. One can also snack on fruit as a meal. Fruits can be also betaken one hour before meals. A fruit meal is best source of energy and keeps away those extra calories away that comes with a usual carb-meal. It detoxifies the body well.
  3. Fasting : Fasting involves abstaining from food for 12 hours or more. During fasting one can depend on water and fluids like tender coconut. This is called a water fasting. One can also fast with fruits and water if needed. Fasting helps to clean the circulatory system, kidneys and liver. It removes the free radicals, rebuild and reset hormones, clear the mind and restores energy by building immunity. One can fast once a week or at least twice a month effectively. Diabetic patients should fast only with doctor’s advice and support.
  4. Cut Sugar : Sugar addiction is no joke. Its one of the silent poisons entering in abundance daily in our bodies and considered equally dangerous as smoking cigarettes. Having no health benefits, sugar tends to pile up in our body making one lethargic, lowering the energy levels and making the brain react to it like a drug or alcohol. Best way to cut sugar is to avoid usual tea/coffee or substituting it with natural sugars like fruit syrup, honey or natural source like stevia. Cutting sugar is one of the best way for weight reduction and boost metabolism. It also cuts risk of diabetes. Cutting Sugar detoxifies the systems better especially beneficial for PCOD patients, diabetes patients, Cancer patients and patients suffering from various hormonal problems.
  5. Herbal Tea/ Green Tea : Not like ordinary tea, two cups of herbal tea or green tea can boost metabolism in the best way. Rich in anti oxidants these are best to burn fats, fight infection, improve immunity, clean circulatory and nervous system of the body. Ginger Tea/ Tulsi Tea are examples of Herbal tea. These are naturally enriched detox agents.
  6. Yoga and Exercise : Yoga and exercises are the best way to achieve a perfect detox body and mind. Yoga practice helps to strenghen nervous system, skeletal system and internal organs and blood circulations and eliminating the toxins from the body effectively. Siddha system of medicine also emphasises on various, Medicines, External Therapies and Yoga practice for achieving a detoxified body. Monsoon is the best time to detox the body. Get Started!!



Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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