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Thozhukanni – A Herbal Antidote

Plant name : Thozhukanni
“The leaves of this medicinal plant moves on production of sound. Medicinally used as an Antidote”

Botanical name : Desmodium gyrans
Family : Fabaceae
Actions : Antidote, Cardiac-tonic, Wound healing.

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. The decoction prepared by the root is very effective against snake poison.
  2. Daily administration of decoction or root powder is effective for heart diseases, rheumatic complaints, Diabetes and skin ailments.
  3. External application of paste of roots and leaves over the cut and injured areas helps in healing the wound.

Note: Siddha treatment is based on complete physical examination of the patient, Naadi diagnosis, and other diagnostic criteria of the disease. The content given in this article is purely meant for information and education purpose only. Kindly consult a Siddha physician before any sort of self medication.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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