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Tone your Abs, lose belly fat through Kapalbhati Pranayama

Benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama

‘Kapal’ means forehead and ‘Bhati’ means Light. Those practicing this Pranayama have a light or lusture on their face. Their life is disease free and healthy. Anyone can practice this pranayama, children and adults both. However those suffering from High B.P, Hernia, Cardiac ailments, Epilepsy, patients who have undergone surgery and pregnant ladies should not practice this Pranayama. Patients with High B.P and Cardiac issues can practice this exercise at minimal speed under expert guidance.

Method :

Sit in a calm open place with cross legged either in pose of Sukhasana or Padmasana. Take a deep breath and then exhale forcefully and quickly making a exhaling puff sound. During exhalation, the abdominal muscles should be drawn inwards and with inhalation it should return to normal again. The principle is to focus on exhalation and inhale normally.

Initially one should start with 30 times. Each stroke or each time should be performed in one second so 30 times in 30 seconds. Each stroke includes both inhalation and exhalation. The practicing time can slowly be increased up to 10 or 15 minutes and even up to 30 minutes if the muscles grow strong and toned up with regular practice. A person who needs to lose weight and shed belly fat should keep practicing this pranayama daily. 30 minutes of regular practice gives best result in one month.

Benefits :

  • Improves oxygen intake, dissolves free radicles, wastes and toxins out of the system.
  • Gives glow to the face. Increases fat burn around the belly and helps lose weight. Abdominal muscles get toned up and strengthens with regular practice.
  • Regulates, Blood Sugar, Triglyceride, Cholesterol and hormones in the body.
  • Benefits Cancer patients, Patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C, HIV patients, Diabetics, Patients suffering from Liver Problems, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, Constipation, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and a wide range of illness.
  • Clears respiratory tract, minimizes risk of infection and allergies.
  • This exercise helps improve function of diaphragm and also improves digestion.
  • Improves blood circulation in the body. Improves lung capacity.
  • Improves concentration, decreases anxiety and depression because of increase in oxygen consumption.

People doing regular practice of this pranayama experience health and fitness. They have better immunity and they fall ill less as compared to others. They experience low signs of ageing and have very patient and calm behavior. They perform better at work place. Kapal Bhati pranayama can also help one to proceed further stages of meditation and initiates opening of successive chakras with regular practice.

One should practice Kapal Bhati daily to experience its long lasting and long listed benefits exploring more than what is documented.

Note : Before practicing this yogic practice seek advise of yoga expert or Medical professional experienced in this field.

Dr Divya Amritjude

Dr. Divya Amritjude, wife of Dr. Amritjude, is the female consultant, the Siddha doctor of Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Hospital.

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