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Murugai – A Herbal Aphrodisiac

Plant name : Murugai
“All parts of this Tree are medicinal. It is also highly nutritious”

Botanical name : Moringa pterygosperma
Family : Moringaceae
Actions : Tonic, Emmenagogue, Diuretic, Anti-spasmodic, Aphrodisiac.

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. The fruit and leaves can be consumed as a part of diet after cooking. This provides nutrition and acts as a tonic for the body.
  2. The leaf juice can be applied as eye drops for eye diseases.
  3. A paste of leaves can be applied over inflammations and swellings.
  4. The tender flowers of this plant is cooked and taken regularly acts as a potent Aphrodisiac and also decreases the increased body heat. The flowers are also used in preparation of Siddha tonics and Aphrodisiacs.
  5. The bark of this plant is crushed well and applied as medicated plasters over inflammations and swellings.
  6. The oil prepared from the bark juice is good for skin diseases.
  7. The gum or exudate can ground with milk and applied over forehead for head ache.
  8. For inflammations over the joints the paste of the leaves is ground well with the salt and applied over the affected area.
  9. The root bark is prepared as decoction and taken in the dose of 20-30 ml daily 3-4 times a day for 3-4 days can prove effective results in case of hernia.
  10. The seeds of this plant is ground well in milk and taken is good for Spermatogenesis.

Note: Siddha treatment is based on complete physical examination of the patient, Naadi diagnosis, and other diagnostic criteria of the disease. The content given in this article is purely meant for information and education purpose only. Kindly consult a Siddha physician before any sort of self medication.

Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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