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Thottavadi – Herbal Remedy for Diabetes

Plant name : Thottar chinungi
“The plant which is highly sensitive to touch and has high medicinal value”

Botanical name : Mimosa pudica
Family : Mimosaceae
Actions : Astringent, Styptic, Alterative, Aphrodisiac.

Siddha Medicinal Uses :

  1. For diabetes, the juice of samoolam of this plant is taken and given in the dose of 25-30ml in early morning.
  2. The leaves and the roots are dried and powdered and given in the dose of 2-5 grams for diabetes.
  3. The leaves are boiled with water and given fomentation for the pain in hip and pain around the kidney region.
  4. The juice of the plant is mixed in equal quantity of horse urine and externally applied for Pterygium.
  5. For bronchial asthma in children about 10ml of the juice of samoolam of this plant is given daily once for 2-3 days.
  6. For itching over the skin and other skin infection, one part of the juice of this plant is boiled with 1/4 of gingely oil. The prepared oil is externally applied over the affected area.
  7. The samoolam of this plant is crushed and decoction is prepared. This is used to wash ulcers, diabetic ulcers, skin infections etc.

Note: Siddha treatment is based on complete physical examination of the patient, Naadi diagnosis, and other diagnostic criteria of the disease. The content given in this article is purely meant for information and education purpose only. Kindly consult a Siddha physician before any sort of self medication.

Dr Amritjude

Chief Doctor and owner of “Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitsalayam” Siddha Hospital, Melvettoor P. O., Varkala, Kerala.

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  1. Can thottavadi leaves eaten fresh for controlling diabetic situation. Any other specific uses?

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